Redmi Note 5A

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Redmi Note 5A premium big screen

5.5 "large screen / ultra-thin body / Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor

MSP 14,999

5.5 "large screen Value

We love the big screen, because the screen is large enough, can one-hand operation.
Redmi Note 5A not only uses 5.5 "HD screen, and showing excellent results, watch videos, play games more fun.
Equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass protection, wear resistance and high-end models use the drop are better.

3080mAh long life, long standby 11 days

Large screen can also be lasting life. Thanks to the large capacity 3080mAh *, as well as better control of power consumption processor,
and system-level power optimization, you can watch 11 hours of continuous video, play games 16 hours,
call 35 hours, properly properly meet the daily required.

Qualcomm quad-core processor
to run smoothly the big game

Qualcomm Xiaolong 425 processor, not only for daily use,
but also to run the big game, the speed is still smooth.

Only 150g
large-screen ultra-thin yet

With imitation metal spraying process, ensuring premise lightweight body, not only
the color of the metal, and beautiful decorative strips.

36 Smart beauty
self-portrait is the goddess photo

When the self-timer, real-time beauty had been opened without makeup, skin is very fair, you in the frame, that is the beauty you. You just need to find their own point of view, press the shutter, you can share circle of friends.

13 million pixel
phase focusing camera

You almost could not believe, Redmi Note 5A picture quality is so good. Not only because of high quality 13MP sensor, as well as from professional camera phase focusing technology, faster artistic creation.

2 + 1 slot
can be extended 128GB

You can insert two SIM cards for Internet access and phone calls,
but also insert an SD card to store photos and data, without sacrificing
slot, more convenient to use.

MIUI 9 fast as lightning

Portal search faster, faster preview

Press the trigger function, encyclopedia, movies, shopping,
speed direct access to the content you want.

Photos search
to find quick photo, looking for faster passport

Photos can also be searched, self-timer, photo, documents,
screenshots, look for keywords to get.

Phone split-screen mode
a screen to do two things, almost everything

So that a screen can simultaneously play two applications, such as side to buy
goods while watching the video, convenient and efficient.

  • Champagne Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum silver
  • 5.5 "big screen

    Operable with one hand

  • 3080mAh

    Long battery life

  • Thin body

    Long grip is also comfortable

  • Qualcomm Xiaolong

    Processor 64

  • 13MP camera

    Support phase focusing

  • 4G All Netcom

    2 + 1 slot, Dual SIM

3080mAh battery refers to the typical capacity. 450nit highest brightness for the screen. All test conditions based on the actual project, in addition to music, the other open to bright screen test, according to network needs. Scalable up to 128GB (Vfat) format. Unless stated otherwise, are our laboratory data, design parameters and data providers. The whole station to show the structure of the picture, both functional diagram, the actual structure is not absolute, and ultimately to prevail in kind. Lightning MIUI version, the portal features, information assistant, photo search function, split-screen function and MIUI to people to line function, due to technical conditions, the progress of development vary, based on the time to complete the test product. Official MIUI support models will be announced through the official website ( Specific configuration parameters will differ depending mobile version. Unless stated otherwise, are our laboratory data, design parameters and data providers. The station's data to the actual situation due to the test version of the software, the specific test environment, depending on the specific version, slightly different. The end of August can be upgraded to MIUI 9 through the development version.

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