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  • Redmi 5

    Full Screen Display for Everyone

    Redmi 5 (2GB+16GB) MSP 15499/-
    Redmi 5 (3GB + 32GB) MSP 17,499/-
A new generation of mobile phone screen standard

18: 9 full screen

Custom 5.7" full screenbig screen, rounded screen design, rounded, elegant,
and the body design complement each other, the screen bright moment brilliant.

* Redmi 5: 5.7 inches; Redmi 5 Plus: 5.99 inches

a broader vision of the game , the first victory

More than 16: 9 mobile phone display area more, early detection of the enemy position to help you win the fight.

16: 9 screen ratio 5.5 "traditional phone

18: 9 screen ratio 5.99 "Redmi 5 Plus






the film

Expected quality

Using the flagship test standard, near-"metamorphic" reliability testing requires 14,571 tests per red meter to ensure reliable quality.

  • Screen glass side polishing

    The broken screen rate and then reduce 30%

  • Thickened four corners of the box thickness

    Reduce the chance of broken screen when the four corners touchdown

  • Dual protection handset microphone

    Avoid prolonged use of the volume becomes smaller

17 days long life

3300mAh large capacity

Qualcomm 14nm low-power processor, MIUI system power
optimization, breath to watch the video for 15 hours.

Smooth operation of large games
14nm Xiao Long eight-core processor

System-level game acceleration, not only easy to run large-scale games,
more ultra-low power consumption performance.

* Redmi5:高通骁龙450 / Redmi 5Plus:高通骁龙625
Dark light is still bright and moving

Front soft Selfie

Soft light like morning light, self-timer when you add natural light,
more intelligent beauty 3.0, so that white complexion natural.

Front soft self-sample

Photography blockbuster excellent quality

1.25μm large pixel camera

1.25μm large pixel, 12 MP high-definition camera, day and night, can be stable and clear imaging.

Post large pixel camera samples

Smoother and more energy efficient

MIUI 9 is lightning fast

MIUI 9 applications not only start faster, but also has the portal, mobile screen and other shortcut functions.

TPU comes with minimal protection case

5.7 "full screen
18: 9 screen ratio
3300mAh long life
pre-soft selfie
domestic debut Xiaolong 450
highest optional 3GB + 32GB

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5.99 "full screen
18: 9 screen ratio
3300mAh long life
front soft home-made
14nm Snapdragon octave processor
up to 4GB +64 GB

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