Mi Portable Mouse
  • Mi Portable Mouse

Mi Portable Mouse

MRP 1,999

Lightweight portable,
Battery weighs only containing 77.5g,
Anodized aluminum + ABS shell material
Dual-mode Bluetooth /2.4G
Over the surface of up to 95% more accurate
Anodized aluminum housing
With battery weighs only 77.5g
Connect two computers using a wireless adapter and dual-mode Bluetooth
An easy to use mouse, from the inside out fine.
High-speed precise laser positioning, fast and accurate mouse slide
Compact body, easy to get better equipment

Exterior Product Size
110.2 * 57.2 * 23.6 mm
Product Specifications Body weight
Detection distance
Connection method
Way of working
Output parameters
Applicable system
77.5g (including battery)
Bluetooth 4.0 RF 2.4GHz
laser sensor
Windows?Windows 8 or later recommended? macOS?Suggest macOS 10.10 above? Android Andrews