Mi Portable Electric Shaver

Overview | Specs
Product parameters

Product Model MJTXD01XM

Rated power 5W

Implementation of the standard GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.9-2008
Q/XMTECH 1-2017

Product Specifications 92 × 55 × 13.2mm

Product weight 100g

packing list


1. The Mi portable electric shaver is a portable model and is suitable for use in large-scale shavers, which are often found in homes, in situations where you want to shave in a business trip, travel, car, or office.
2. This product is suitable for cleaning beards with a length of 2mm or less. It is recommended that you use this product every day for shaving to obtain the best experience.
3. For the beard, too soft and long beard, this product has a limited shave effect.
4. The first use may not achieve the desired results. A very small amount of skin tingling, redness and other skin sensations will be felt. This is because the skin needs to adapt to the new shaving system. Only use this product for more than three consecutive shavings. Adapt as soon as possible.
5. Please cooperate with the correct method of shaving to obtain a better shaving result: The vertical skin of the handheld product should move slowly against the growth direction of the beard and keep the knife net gently against the skin. Do not press hard to avoid accidentally scratching the skin.
6. Before use, check whether the inner cutter head and outer cutter net are damaged or deformed. If they are damaged or deformed, replace them before use.
7. This product is not waterproof, do not wash the body with water and long-term placement in the bathroom.
8. Do not use the shaver for anything other than shaving.
9. If any abnormality or product failure occurs during use, stop using it immediately.
10. Store the shaver in a dry place after use. Avoid direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Warning: This razor must not be washed. Keep the product dry.

Tip: The shaver will have a slight fever during charging and use. This is a normal phenomenon. Please use it with confidence.

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