Mi Pocket Speaker 2

Overview | Specs

Mi Pocket Speaker

Sound beautiful artwork on the table

Minimalist design | professional speaker | about 7 hours of battery life

MRP 3,199
  • Professional speaker TYMPHANY

    Full bass, treble clear, good sound quality from good speakers.

    1200mAh large battery

    About 7 hours of continuous playback, good voice can sing longer.

  • PC + ABS material

    Perfect feel, crafted process

    Pocket 4.1

    Easy to connect, support for mobile phones, tablet computers and other equipment

Minimalist beauty, a very simple process

Segmented design, the upper end of the exterior surface of aluminum alloy, anodic oxidation treatment, delicate touch. Lower appearance PC + ABS material, with sub-
light spraying, slip moist.
At the same time it built a sophisticated front LED status indicators, black and white body color, touch-crafted process beauty!

Sounds, need a good speaker

Danish professional speaker brand suppliers TYMPHANY (Difen Ni) provided a horn part, drawing on traditional speaker mesh design, Mi Pocket Speaker 2 2
part of the horn sound output opening using the same mesh material, clear voice sounding with ultra the overall balance of strong, full bass, treble loud.

Seems simple, it is also simple with

By aluminum-copper XiaoGangBao upper portion of the speaker can complete all functional operations, including audio equipment is connected, volume control, play / pause functions.

  • Power On / Off

    Pressing down from the top of an aluminum barrel (internal "Hide" button design) 2
    seconds, the product can be realized on / off function.

  • Pocket connectivity

    Pocket speaker needs to be connected when the new device, in the boot state fast short
    press times aluminum tub 2, may be a Pocket connection, the Pocket to be re-paired in shape
    state, waiting for the connection.

  • Volume / pause control

    After a mating connector device with the speaker can play music through cis / counterclockwise
    rotation of needle top aluminum drum, sound volume adjusted by a 360 degree
    downward short-pressed aluminum barrels, pause / play music.

Pocket 4.1, compatible with the mainstream equipment

Mi Pocket Speaker 2 2 is compatible with the mainstream market mobile phones, tablets, laptops,
notebook and other smart devices, while using Pocket v4.1 Pocket version, 10 m
connection distance, play more freely.

Large battery, battery life for about 7 hours

Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, support more than about 7 hours continuous
flight, lasting listening to good music.

Hands-free calls, free chat

Built call microphone, the music player will automatically pause when a call,
tap upper aluminum and copper, to cut into the speakerphone.

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