Mi Philip Lamp

Overview | Specs

Philips lamp second generation Core

Perception of ambient light, the initiative to optimize the lighting scene

Philips eye protection algorithm | Reading level wide range of lighting
built-in ambient light sensor | Phone Smart Control
MRP 4999

DFA won Asia's most influential design award 2016- Award and Good Design Award 2017

Following the 2016 DFA won Asia's most influential design award 2016- Gold, Philips lamp table lamp II and its simple, warm, thoughtful design won the 2017 Good Design Awards (Good Design Award). Originated in Japan's Good Design Award and iF Design Award, red dot Award and IDEA Award and the four major global design awards.

Optical tuning considerate

In addition to high-quality light output, we try to make Philips lamp table lamp with second-generation people cross
each other more simple and friendly. Innovative design dual light source, can alleviate eye fatigue for a long time. Reading
tread wide range of lighting wide areas, even to other fine drawing operations. Built-ambient-light
sensor, so that lamp brightness can be automatically adjusted with changes in ambient light, meet the dynamic needs of the human eye.

Thoughtful eye care, optical tuning understanding. This time, the meter home with Philips to bring
hands, so that everyone can enjoy high-quality lighting technology.

* Page in the comparison table lamps, table lamps are the Philips Rui Chi generation.

Unique dual source
more comfortably with the eye

To make the brightness of illumination in the work area with the surrounding neighboring regions to maintain a uniform luminance as much as possible, to avoid
pupil contraction caused by excessively frequent eye fatigue. Philips lamp innovative second-generation dual-lamp light
source design, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America to meet the recommended requirements Illumination Contrast (≤3: 1). *

* Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) is a globally recognized authority lighting technology, it has so far established a century.

Illumination level reading, even for graphics operations and other fine

Width wide, large diameter 90cm * Effect stage lighting area, uniform illumination, avoiding partial reflective of books such as coated. Desktop center illumination up to
1200 lux, and the like even for fine mapping operations.

* According to GB 50034-2004 "architectural lighting design standards", the average illumination within 90cm range greater than 300 lux.
  • Independent eye touch keys
    a key reading illumination calibration

    Philips Lamp second generation Core lamp table lamp trying to interact with people easier and more convenient. Separate eye touch keys, a light touch can automatically
    read calibration illumination, background illumination optimization. In addition, you can also set the phone side 40 minutes with the eyes of science remind, remind yourself adequate lighting by Hugh breathing
    rates, all aspects of care for eyes.

Philips gamma function dimming
algorithm is more than you know your eyes

Philips' industry-leading gamma function dimming algorithm,
brightness change is more consistent with human physiological comfort
curve of the human eye is more comfortable.

Full freedom of arm lamp, full lighting

Whether it is the face of paper reading and writing,
or focus on a computer screen,
or to accompany bedside lighting at night,
Philips Lamp second generation Core lamp lighting the whole freedom
of the unique design,
always give you a bouquet just right
at the comfort of light .

  • Double standard
    304 stainless steel
  • Anti-UV
    aging discoloration
  • 10000
    bent without distortion
  • Food-grade
    silicone material

Intelligent recognition
to make a smart night light

With built-in ambient light sensor, when the lamp is recognized when a night scene, touch any key to
turn on the night light mode, in a warm light, each accompanied by a quiet evening.

Free mobile phone side control
lamp illumination stepless adjustment

After access Mi smart home APP, you can according to different needs, stepless adjustment of
the illumination factor lamp.

With Mi smart home hardware
table lamp can become very fun

By Mi smart home APP interaction more intelligent hardware, you are free to design exclusive personalized scene, a variety of brain-hole wide open waiting for you to discover new games are played!

  • Multi-function gateway Mi Mi multifunction gateway Mi combination of intelligent home control center
  • Mi door sensor in real time switch state sensing windows Example: the moment of opening the door of the automatic lamp
    lights up to the specified luminance.
  • Mi human body sensor intelligent monitoring humans or pets moved Example: sensor detects the user at night to urinate,
    the lamp is automatically opened.
  • Mi wireless switch custom smart home switch other embodiments: the wireless switch may be on the bed, night
    sleeping on a key lights.
* Page in the comparison table lamps, table lamps are the Philips Rui Chi generation. All of the above test data are from Philips Lighting Laboratory, due to different test environments, the actual process may differ slightly.
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