Mi Motion Activated Night Light

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Mi Motion Activated Night Light

Between proudly, bright stand now
The photosensitive + infrared sensor Shu ultralow power Shu brightness double file Shu conformable be linked
MRP 1499

Wisdom light elves, bright anytime, anywhere

On good light, a lot of creativity, this time, we use induction night light meter home, reducing your ideal dream of the night light.
Breakthrough socket imprisonment, say goodbye to complicated installation, sweeping away the dark corners, large sensing range, low-power, give you 365 intimate companionship night.
Quiet night, without words, naturally understand you.

With your actions, good intimate extraordinary perception

120 ° sensor angle large range, the perceived distance of 5-7 meters. + Advanced photosensitive body sensing infrared sensing technology, automatically open under low light conditions, you move to capture the dark for 15 seconds, continuous light. Along with anti-interference function infrared, wherever he went, good light hand in hand.

* In order to ensure normal operation of sensing it recommended two meters away from the use of products from a radio frequency (e.g., routers, WI-FI amplifier, etc.).

Ultra-low power, 365 beautiful night

Get 3 AA batteries, farewell socket problems, use of ultra-low power sensing scheme, low standby power 0.25 mW. Double file brightness adjustment, 0.7 lumen modes may be used for about 12 months, the 3.8 lumens mode can be used for about 6 months.

Arbitrary, flexible and good light more freely

Mi induction night light, 3M adhesive flexible design, breaking the socket and installation constraints.
Regardless wardrobe, stairs, lockers or bedside, garage, gate, where the light is needed, it illuminates for you.
More creative activities linked to waiting open between light design, show of hands.

* Mi induction night light using 3M adhesive, easy to peel off the wallpaper, or use the pick or surface can cause surface damage.

SSIM ingenuity, science and technology add light to your night

Using thin Fresnel lens, to enhance the sensor performance. Scale structure is totally reflected, the light reflected to the diffuse reflection sheet efficiently and uniformly hit the diffusion cover,
in dim night, for the family better visual experience.

Natural and comfortable, each illuminating the night grow

Families with Meng Po, eye protection to do. Lights suddenly lit at night, is not perfect visual development will bring the baby stimulation. Mi induction night light, no flash video, soft and comfortable warm light, tender for the baby's eyes, an extra layer of protection intimate.

In every possible way, to his family warm companionship

Mi induction night light, in the dark, in the name of the guardian of the love of loves.
Children afraid of the dark, old age of the elderly, the night light open its own good, to protect your loved one.

Seiko secret agents, details of achievements in quality

Mi induction night light, use environmentally-friendly ABS material and high-density polyethylene manufacturing, small physique more stable,
balanced body flexibility lights, more durable and more secure.

Minimalist design, easy to decorate life

Mi induction nightlight adhering minimalist design, and custom Fresnel lens sheet sensor placed inside the outer circular design encounter soft silky touch the edge, with a variety of home-style easily, a small delicate light, an attitude of life.

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