Xiaomi Mijia Intelligent Camera

Overview | Specs

Mi's smart camera 1080P

Intelligent detection, clear and unstoppable

1080P full HD resolution | 130 ° ultra-wide angle lens | 10-meter infrared night vision scope | zoning classification intelligence to detect | two-way voice communication

MRP 5499

Home warmth and safety, all aspects of care

1080P Full HD Resolution | 130° Ultra Wide Angle Lens | 2.4G / 5G Dual Band Wi-Fi | 10 Meter Infrared Night Vision Range

Clearer picture, complete details

1080P Full HD resolution, 20fps high frame rate

Mijia Smart Camera provides 1080P Full HD video capture while supporting a high frame rate of up to 20fps to ensure the smoothness of the picture.
When viewed remotely with a mobile phone, every part of the home is clearly visible.
720P 1080P

Don't miss the moment of every second

2.4G / 5G Dual Band Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4GHz / 5GHz) supports a wireless connection to provide reliable protection signal, especially in a congested network environment 2.4GHz, 5GHz connection may be selected
to avoid interference with other wireless devices share the bandwidth of 2.4GHz, improve data Transmission speed, to ensure maximum mobile phone remote monitoring screen fluency!
* 5GHz network needs to be used with routers supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi

A broader vision covering all aspects of the home

130° Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Mijia Smart Camera is equipped with a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, which can easily cover more areas in the room, effectively reducing the shooting dead angle.

This through the eyes of the night, always records the light

10m infrared night vision range

8 large-size 940nm infrared fill light, effective night vision range of up to 10 meters.
No light pollution does not affect the family's sleep.

Watch the baby's sleep while playing the phone

Mobile phone picture in picture *

While watching a movie on a mobile phone, watching information, and talking about WeChat, the screen where the baby is asleep is also displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. While caring for your baby,
your own enjoyment of life can also be taken care of.
* This feature only supports mainstream Android models.

Regardless of backlight or dark light, details can be clearly seen

WDR Wide Dynamic Range + BSI Back-illuminated Sensor

The light in the room is constantly changing during 24 hours. Backlighting, dimming, and high exposure environments can easily affect the imaging quality of the camera. Miji smart cameras use BSI back-illuminated sensors and WDR wide dynamic range features to provide quality home screens all the time.

Multiple screens on one screen, multiple spatial dynamics are mastered at once

A screen with multiple screens *

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garden. Every room in the house has a Mi camera. It does not matter, you can view multiple screens at the same time on the phone, intuitive and efficient
browsing, so that multiple spaces can be dynamically mastered at once.
* The multi-screen feature of the mobile phone is expected to support the mainstream models of iOS and Android systems in April 2017.

Smart camera, more careful guardian!

  • Zone classification intelligent detection
  • Family privacy protection
  • Two-way voice communication

Accurately detect picture changes and reduce invalid alarms

Zone classification intelligent detection

Miji smart camera partitions the detection screen into 32 grids. The user can set the detection sensitivity of each grid separately.
Greatly reduce the number of invalid alarms caused by curtain fluttering or light changes.
  • Sensitivity level:
  • high
  • in
  • low
  • turn off

Intelligent recognition, the camera automatically sleeps after going home

Protect family privacy

Mi smart cameras built-in Bluetooth chip, if the family did not want to be photographed own camera can be set to wear the bracelet or millet iphone when close to the camera, the camera from
moving sleep, to protect family privacy.
* This feature is being debugged and will be online soon.

Communicate remotely anytime and anywhere, so that accompany one more expression

Two-way voice communication

Mijia Smart Camera is equipped with an omnidirectional noise reduction microphone and a high-fidelity speaker to make the two-way voice communication clear and smooth.
With 1080P Full HD footage, communicating with your family on your mobile phone is like staying with your family.

Secure local storage to prevent leakage of home privacy

Micro SD Card + NAS Network Private Cloud Storage

In addition to supporting the local storage of the Micro SD card, the Mi camera also supports the network private cloud storage device of the NAS protocol (such as a millet router or other network storage device supporting hard disk expansion).
The video is stored locally to prevent privacy leaks, and at the same time, it is safer to avoid the additional costs of storage in public cloud services.
* The storage card and NAS storage are not included in the package and must be purchased separately
  • Micro SD Card
    (Maximum Extended Memory 64G)
  • NAS Network Private
    Cloud Storage
* All the above data are from Zimei Technology Lab. The actual use process is based on changes in the objective environment or errors.
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