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Electric power folding bike

The moment passes on the electrification boost, making the urban journey relaxed.
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  • Boosts to ride the line

    Matsushita 18650 Power lithium battery
  • Moment sensing boost

    Unifies the manpower and electricity boost perfectly
  • Rides the good data monitoring

    Speed, mileage, dynamic power, calorie consumption
  • Folds the portable design

    One of the beams is folded longitudinally

The moment passes on the electrification boost

Feel the strength of your own

Equipped with a "TMM torque sensing technology" of the meter riding a bike folding bike
Automatically inducts the feet of the pedaling force size, and output the appropriate electric power assisted riding feeling
The power of the feet was amplified. Help impetus smooth and natural, quit sensitive simply
Every ride is easy and fun.

Unprecedented rides line of experience to be with good intention rides the good pleasure

Steps on the strength through the torque sensor monitor the size, and judges based on this your rides the good intention, thus outputs is closer your wish the electricity boost, lets ride line of experience
Plus fun and fun.

"Torque sensor" will be sensitive to the tread force data transmission
To the MC (motor controller).

Foot down the moment, the rear wheel of the "torque sensor"
Will sense the size of pedal force.

MC (Motor controller) to determine how much output is needed
Electric power will be multiplied by manpower "magnified."

The motor drives the front wheels forward.

250W High speed brushless motor
The bike's powerful engine

Compared to ordinary motor, 250W high-speed brushless motor torque
Magnetic resistance is small, faster acceleration, weight is lighter, against the wind climbing more relaxed ride.

Driving computer

Driving computer can not only help the rider in the four power mode to switch between free, but also real-time
Monitor rider riding data: dynamic power, speed, mileage, calorie consumption, etc.,
Let the rider know the truth, the heart of the end. Riding data through the phone to the cloud, convenient
Ride at any time

  • Power mode control
  • Riding data monitoring
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Historical data storage

Four kinds of power mode to calmly deal with different riding needs

Meter riding electric power folding bike built-in four riding mode, through the grip on the trip computer can simply switch. Each mode is provided
Of the electric power of different strength, according to their own riding needs free to switch.

Take 60W foot pedal force as an example
Electric power:
  • Fitness model

    No electricity. Like ordinary bicycles,
    Suitable for exercise, fitness ride.

  • Economic model

    Electric power will be the foot of the pedal force naturally
    "Magnified" 50%, power consumption
    Low, power mileage is long.

  • Balance mode

    Electric power will be the foot of the pedal force naturally
    "Magnified" 100%, electricity and manpower balance.

  • Strengthen the model

    Electric power will be the foot of the pedal force naturally
    "Zoom in" 150% for climbing
    Slope or fast ride.

Riding data monitoring to help you progress a little bit every day

Meter riding electric power folding bike built-in riding data monitoring module, the current riding speed, mileage, real-time stampede power, calorie consumption and other data can be
To show through the handlebar on the car, a little progress every day, life wonderful, fun unlimited.

Smart APP, is a car steward
It is a good helper travel

It is a good helper to visit the unique smart APP can be read on the computer to store the riding data and synchronized to the cloud,
Let you easily view anytime, anywhere. At the same time, vehicle health can also be passed APP
A key to get. In addition, the navigation function can also make travel easy to worry.

Power lithium battery can help ride about 45 km

Meter riding electric power folding bike with a 18650 power lithium battery ②, can help ride about 45 km to meet the daily commute required.
The battery is built into the main frame of the frame, drawer design, can be pulled out replacement, or charged separately.
① The data acquisition in the economic model, load 75KG, uniform 20km / h in the city pavement on the road ride measured.
② 18650 power lithium battery Panasonic, Samsung two versions, the same performance, random delivery.

14.5 kg
There is a large battery is still light

Thanks to the lightweight design of the aluminum alloy frame, even equipped with a large capacity lithium battery
With the high-speed brushless motor, meters home riding electric power folding bike weight only
14.5 kg. At the same time, before and after the fork with one forming aluminum forging process, no
Welding point, beautiful and lightweight at the same time the rigidity has also been greatly enhanced.

Shimano internal three transmission
No electricity or ride

Meter riding electric power folding bike standard Shimano Nei three transmission,
Easy", "Standard", "Fast" 3rd gear speed mode adjustable.
And electric power with, you can make the ride experience more relaxed and happy, no
Electric ride is not effortless.

The city can not be folded, but the bike can

The essence of urban travel art, not in the luxury pomp. And its block on the road, as lightweight and flexible, said go away, enjoy the envy of others eyes.
One of the long beam longitudinal folding design, simple operation, the main beam does not fold, completely put an end to the traditional folding car after a long time riding a loose folding mechanism easy to bring the security risks.

* All of the above data are from the Jockey Labs, the actual use of the process because of changes in objective conditions may be errors.
Without affecting the performance of the product, and the overall appearance of the case, in order to make the use of more perfect experience, product details or adjustments, the specific request to prevail.
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