An elegance beyond imagination

Premium 3D glass body, curved at the edges to blend seamlessly into a metal frame. Toughened with Gorilla Glass 4 for durability and strength. Mi 5 is a lightweight 129g that fits comfortably in your hand. It is the most beautiful phone we've designed yet.

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Power with a new lightness

Unbelievably light at 129g. It's hard to find a phone the same size that's lighter than Mi 5.

Despite this lightness, it still carries a large 3000mAh battery that let's you watch up to 7 movies in a full charge. This is made possible with the latest battery technologies that increases battery energy density. The result is a thinner, lighter battery with longlasting power.

Large battery

Seriously stylish curves

Classy curves at the side allow Mi 5 to fit comfortably in your hand. Graceful and elegant, the seamless blending of premium 3D glass body with metal frame are the mark of a sophisticated manufacturing process. The smooth texture of glass and the lightness of Mi 5 combine to create an unforgettable grip that you have to experience first hand.

Big screen, little body

Want a big display without the bulk? We made Mi 5 thinner and narrower by using the most compact components - thinner bezels, smaller cameras, integrated motherboard and high density battery.

Feels like marble, without the weight

Like marble, glass has a luxurious smoothness and texture that feels substantial in your hand. Toughened with Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides, Mi 5 is crafted with the highest standards and is extremely durable.

Suited for any style

Phones are a reflection of personal taste. Select from pure white, deep black and opulent gold. No matter how your pair your outfit, Mi 5 is an accessory that never goes out of style.


Mi 5 features front and back Corning Gorilla Glass 4 panels with an aluminum alloy frame. 3000mAh typical battery capacity, indicated by manufacturer, with normal variations. Watch 7 movies at 50% brightness under 4G network conditions, 120mins per movie, 7-8 movies in 1080p, according to internal test results. Results may vary with different test software versions, test environments, and more. All product comparisons are with other Mi phones.

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