Physical dimension

Basic Specifications

  • Product name MI brand reverse osmosis water purifier
  • Product number MR424-A
  • Product Size 260x205x410(mm)
  • Product Weight 11.8kg
  • Product implementation standard number Q/YM 001-2015 Household and similar use of reverse osmosis water purifier
  • WiFi connection This device contains model approval code: CMIITID:2014DP5056 radio transmission module
  • Water quality Meet the "drinking water quality processor health safety and functional evaluation norms-Reverse osmosis treatment device "(2001) requirements
  • Rated total net water 1200L
  • Water flow 1.0L/min
  • Applicable to water pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
  • Applicable to water pressure 5-38 ° C municipal tap water
  • Rated voltage 220V-
  • Rated frequency 5 rated frequency
  • rated power 96W
  • Protection against electric shock type II class
  • Applicable environment 0 ° C or more
  • *MR424-A For the MI water purifier (400G) kitchen type *The water flow is measured under laboratory test conditions
Purification technology
4 class filter
RO reverse osmosis purification technology
Filtration accuracy 0.0001 microns

*Note: The replacement cycle is the expected cycle, the use of geographical, water quality, season and the use of different actual replacement cycle will be different.

Install service

1. MI water purifier (kitchen type) installation operations need to be authorized by the micro-meter service network of professionals.

2. When you receive the MI water purifier (kitchen type), you need to install the following two ways: (1) by calling MI customer service hotline 400-100-5678 to make an appointment. (2)By visiting online customer service Make an appointment.

Installation conditions

MI water purifier (kitchen type) need to meet the following installation conditions, please confirm before buying to meet the following requirements:

Power supply Kitchen or installation location within 1 meter or less need to have a power outlet or plug (220v AC 2-hole socket)
Place space Need to set aside enough installation space, machine dimensions 260mm long * Width 205mm * high 408mm (equivalent to stack 0.5 meters high A4 paper size)
Floor drain Installation location Accessories such as floor drain or open sewer and other drainage facilities.
Sinks and openings The faucet installation requires a sump soap hole, or re-installed in the sink. The opening diameter is 20~30mm. Which stainless steel, acrylic material
Quality of the field can be perforated, other materials (such as marble, ceramic countertops, etc.) Please find a professional hole in advance.
Water source Use municipal tap water, can not use groundwater or other water sources.
Water pressure Water supply pressure requirements to meet the 0.1MPa ~ 0.4MPa, if the water pressure exceeds 0.4MPa, the need to install the pressure relief valve (additional charges); if the water pressure
Less than 0.1MPa, it is recommended that users need to install their own booster pump.

Installation fee

1. MI water purifier (kitchen type) by the engineers free home installation.

2. For the installation location (sink) material for the stainless steel, acrylic material can provide free drilling, other materials (such as marble, ceramics, etc.) you need to contact other professional .

3. Free installation does not involve the cabinet transformation, the next water pipe transformation, power transformation, etc., such as the installation environment needs transformation, please contact the professional staff ahead of schedule.

4. The installation kit provided by the MI water purifier contains the necessary accessories and materials for the installation of the general situation. However, the following other parts are used in the course of installation and are charged separately by the installation engineer.

Charge Accessories Material: 2 points PE pipe plug, 2 points PE pipe sets, 2 points / 3 points PE pipe (PE pipe less than 1 meter by 1 meter standard charge), three-way ball valve,

5. Such as moving machine (removal or re-installation, etc.) need to be based on the standard fee, a separate installation by the standard.

Distribution installation range

MI water purifier (kitchen type) installation area covering the whole country
(Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Tibet, except)

*Due to the service area may change at any time, the final interpretation of this information owned by millet company.

Parts List

1. Host 1 set

The host contains the inlet pipe, outlet pipe, concentrated water pipe, water faucet lead

2. Filter 4

Filter contains: PP cotton filter, C1 pre-activated carbon filter, RO reverse osmosis filter, C2 rear activated carbon filter 1

3. Accessories box 1

Accessories box contains stainless steel water faucet, three-way ball valve

4. Manual book 1

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