Water quality up to bottled pure water standards

In line with the "food safety national packaging drinking water" standard

Home water after purification by millet water purifier, comparable to the supermarket to buy high-quality pure water. We in accordance with the strict "packaging drinking water standards", "drinking water standards" and other requirements, please professional testing organizations for more than 400 water quality testing data, the results show that a number of millet water purifier water quality indicators higher than the national standard.

  • 99.9%
    Bacterial removal rate up to
  • 99.7%
    Organic matter removal rate up to
  • 99.9%
    Heavy metal removal rate up to
  • 100%
    Antibiotic removal rate up to

Meet strict water quality standards

To further ensure the safety of drinking water, we not only invite professional bodies to detect water quality, but also for the whole machine soaking test to ensure that wading parts after long-term soaking, it will not precipitate harmful substances on the human body. This test is very harsh, machine and water quality professional testing as many as 396, covering bacteria, antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals and other aspects of the test results a number of indicators higher than the existing standard. For example, lead, arsenic, fluoride and a series of hazardous substances to remove the removal rate than the national standard is also higher than 10 percentage points higher.

  • 223item Water quality
  • 18item Standard for packaged drinking water
  • 31item Removal effect detection
  • 89item Soaking test
  • 35item Water batch report

Every healthy family should have a good water purifier

We all know that tap water can not drink directly, the water can boil it? Science shows that boiled tap water can not remove harmful heavy metals, rust and sediment, high temperature bacteria and chlorine, pesticides. In addition, drinking fountains bottled water if you can not finish as soon as possible, will breed bacteria. Drinking fresh pure water is the most healthy way to drink water, so we recommend that every family should be equipped with a water purifier to improve the quality of healthy living.

Understand intelligent control >
  • Scale serious
  • Water pollution
  • Old pipe
  • Heavy metal exceeded
  • Home with baby
  • There is a smell in the water
  • Home is old man
  • The water is turbid

That is, open filter, fresh filter does not drink Chen Shui

Open the pure water faucet switch, water purifier will immediately start filtering, each filter is fresh
Pure water, avoid drinking water from the storage tank.

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