Smart phone connection
And everything related to water

MI water purifier is intelligent water purifier, it has WiFi Function, you can connect the whole family's mobile phone. It can tell you the water quality of the water at home, but also let you know through the purification of water quality how much better. You do not have to worry about when to change the filter, when you need to replace it through the phone to remind, click on the purchase will soon be able to door-to-door. Use is very simple, so you use water purifier peace of mind, rest assured, worry.

White water quality, clear flow

Built-in high-precision TDS water quality probe, high sensitivity flow needle

MI water purifier not only help you purify the living water, but also let you know the water quality changes before and after filtration. Built-in 2 high-precision water quality probe, real-time monitoring of water quality
TDS, open the phone will be able to see the water quality situation. You can also view the number of water on the phone, the purifier built-in high-sensitivity flowmeter, measurement accuracy of 1 ml, so you
Accurately grasp the water data, the use of more assured.

    • Error
    • Metal titanium
    High precision TDS water quality probe
    • Sensitivity is high
      0.3 L/min
    • Measurement accuracy up to
    High sensitivity flow needle
After filtering the water can drink straight

Intelligent filter reminder
One-click order home

You do not have to worry about when to replace the filter, you can view the remaining life of the filter on the phone. When the need to replace, the water purifier will send a message to the mobile phone reminder, this time only need a button order, a new genuine filter will be sent to your home.

Different from the past by the date of a rough estimate of the filter time, millet water purifier through the regional water quality data at home water quality, daily use of traffic and other reasonable assessment. Accurately grasp the water data, the use of more assured.

  • Real-time filter life
  • Change the filter reminder
  • A key delivery door
  • Genuine filter

Using TDS probe, intelligent fault self-test
Less worry, more peace of mind

Each MI water purifier in the factory, have to undergo a rigorous quality inspection. In order to ensure your confidence to use, the water purifier built-in independent program self-test module, up to 23 core components for automatic detection. Such as the use of the problem, you can view the solution through the phone to solve the problem, you can also use the phone application feedback to our service center, maintenance personnel will be based on self-test report door assistance, more efficient solution to your use.

Easy to use
1 minute quick connect phone

Water heater connected to the phone is not troublesome, install the MI smart home App, the phone will automatically find the home of the water purifier, click OK to complete the connection, you can immediately after the connection to see daily water flow, tap water TDS The While supporting remote viewing, not at home can understand the water situation.

  • Open the MI smart home app
    Automatic search MI water purifier
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