Mi water purifierKitchen type

Large flow straight out of pure water, healthy family essential

400 gallon high flow | RO reverse osmosis straight out pure water | hidden installation | lighting faucet

(Including installation services from home)

  • RO reverse osmosis
    Purification technology
  • Open filter
    No water storage
  • RO filter
    Automatic flushing
  • Intelligent adjustment
    Pure water more

Kitchen under the hidden installation, save the table space

Millet water purifier (kitchen type) hidden in the kitchen sink under the cabinet. Neither affect the decoration style, but also save the kitchen limited table space.
Installation of a separate pure faucet, no water pipes, wire exposed. The table is clean and tidy.

400 gallons of high flow
No need to store water to avoid secondary pollution

Traditional water purifier, the use of water storage tank to solve the problem of slow water, and storage of pure water after purification, long-term use can not be cleaned because of easy to breed bacteria, causing secondary pollution of water.

Millet water purifier (kitchen type), by improving the reverse osmosis membrane and booster pump to improve the flow rate, and ultimately reach 400 gallons of high flow, the purification rate is higher than the traditional water purifier, without water, put an end to the storage tank pollution water The problem.

  • 400gallon
    Large flux film
  • 1.4 L/min
    Filtration speed(Ascending mode)

RO reverse osmosis straight drink pure water
0.0001 micron high-precision deep purification

MI water purifier (kitchen type) let you open the facet, you can drink clean water. The use of RO reverse osmosis technology, is very high precision water filtration technology, the accuracy of one thousandth of a micron (0.0001μm), remove bacteria at the same time, but also filter the general water purifier can not remove the scale, heavy metals, antibiotics.

Understand the principle of purification >
  • 0.0001Microns
    Filtration accuracy

Four-stage filtration, deep purification

MI water purifier high-precision water filtration technology, with layers of purification of the four filtration system to help you remove the home of water in the rust, scale
Heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics and unpleasant odors. Let you drink every drop of water are fresh and clean.

PP cotton
Remove the sediment, rust and other large particles
Granular activated carbon
Remove odor, residual chlorine
RO reverse osmosis
Remove antibiotics, organic matter
Heavy metals, nitrite, bacteria, scale
Granular activated carbon
To further improve the taste

Effective removal of antibiotics, scale, bacteria, heavy metals
Drink clean water to make your body healthier

  • 99.9%
    Bacterial removal rate up to
  • 99.7%
    Organic matter removal rate up to
  • 99.9%
    Heavy metal removal rate up to
  • 99.9%
    Antibiotic removal rate up to

Intelligent water lifting technology

Pure water out of water faster, upgrade 40%

In order to make the water flow faster, and reduce the generation of waste water, millet water purifier kitchen added to the intelligent water to enhance the technology. This technology will automatically adjust the water and waste water according to the water quality. When the water quality is better, the water purifier will automatically switch to pure water to enhance the mode. Lifting mode, the water flow faster, the initial flow can reach 1.4L / min, than the table top of the millet water purifier to upgrade nearly 40%. The water is further accelerated, a few seconds will be able to get a glass of water.

Comparison of initial flow of pure water in millet water purifier

* Note: pure water flow will be affected by water temperature, water quality and water pressure
The above data are in the raw water TDS value of 300 below, water temperature 25 ° C, water pressure 0.2MPa test data

Intelligent water lifting technology

Pure water more waste water less, pure water wastewater ratio as low as 2:1

Intelligent water to enhance technology, not only to enhance the water flow rate of pure water, but also to reduce waste water. In the lifting mode, pure water wastewater ratio as low as 2:1,
Pure water more waste water less, clean 2 cups of pure water only 1 cup of wastewater discharged.

  • 1:3

    Ordinary water purifier

  • 1:1

    Standard water production mode

  • 2:1

    Ascending mode

RO Reverse Osmosis Filter Automatic Flushing Technology

Washed away fouling impurities, to avoid the filter blockage of water to reduce

Filtration filter with a precision of one thousandth of a micron (0.0001μm), its tiny filter holes may be caused by impurities deposited on the surface
Clogged. Millet water purifier (kitchen type) using automatic washing technology, can be washed away the accumulation of impurities in the filter hole surface, to prevent clogging caused by reduced water.

  • Before rinsing

    Impurities will plug the surface of the filter hole, the amount of water to reduce

  • After rinsing

    Filter hole surface without clogging, water attenuation is small

Long time after the use of water attenuation contrast

Data from the cloud test results. Test conditions: tap water TDS107, water temperature 25 ℃, pressure 0.2Mpa

Installation of independent pure water faucet, does not affect the use of tap water

In order to avoid the use of tap water to bring the inconvenience, millet water purifier kitchen type using a separate pure water faucet,
No longer affect the use of tap water, pure water and tap water use are more convenient.

Intelligent control faucet, water quality filter life real-time display

Do not need to open the cabinet, just through the pure water faucet lights, you can know whether the water quality standards, filter need to be replaced, the machine is abnormal.

  • Blue on behalf of pure water can drink straight
  • Orange represents pure water TDS high
    Need to change the core / rinse

Stainless steel faucet, care pure water health and safety

Traditional water purifier faucet more material for the copper, millet water purifier with 304 stainless steel. With stainless steel fine
Casting process, so that the main body of the inner wall clean and smooth, difficult to filth, in line with the new national standard GB18145 requirements.

  • Millet water purifier (kitchen type) faucet
    304 stainless steel
  • Most water purifier faucets
    Copper or zinc alloy material

Mobile phone real-time view of home water quality

Millet water purifier (kitchen type) is a smart water purifier, through WiFi connection phone, download millet intelligent home APP, open the management interface will be able to see the water quality, before and after filtration TDS value of water changes at a glance. In general, the lower the TDS value, the less the dissolved solids in the water, the poorer the water quality.

Learn about smart features >

Quick-connect filter, screw about self-Kai core

Millet water purifier for the filter without a professional tool to remove the shell. Patent quick-connect design, only need to gently twist to change the filter, no special
Positive position, with the feeling to be completed.

  • Remove the cover, counterclockwise out of the old filter
  • Turn the new filter element clockwise and cover it

Small size
Leaving more cabinets for storage

Millet water purifier kitchen under the area is smaller than the A4 paper, compared to the traditional water purifier, there is no huge reservoir, water purifier volume is also more compact, saving more than 60% of the cabinet space, Leaving you more storage space.

Professional engineers home installation, caring service

Free home installation, covering most of the country(Except Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Tibet)

* The accessories contain the accessories and materials required for general installation, but during installation
Can be used according to the actual situation of other parts of the material, a separate charge.

Millet water purifier (kitchen type)

Pure water purification standards, professional RO reverse osmosis technology

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