Mi Smart Electric Kettle

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Mi Smart Electric Kettle

A glass of water is just good

Water temperature intelligent control
304 stainless steel liner
rapid boiling
triple safety protection

MRP 5999

Different water can be just right for warmth

Puerh tea needs boiling water to be more mellow; green tea is best brewed with 80-90°C water, and probiotics and honey's high water temperature can destroy nutrients. ① Mi kettle thermostat with intelligent adjusting
temperature function, open the phone Bluetooth connection millet smart home APP, the set temperature according to different needs directly on the phone. Not only can it be heated directly to the set temperature, but it can also be boiled and
kept to the set temperature.

  • coffee
  • green tea
  • black tea
  • milk powder

From sunset to sunrise, warm and lasting

Up to 12 hours of constant temperature, the laboratory test boiling water after entering the 90 degree insulation, sustainable insulation for 12 hours, power consumption is only 0.532 degrees (Kw.h).

A good interior can burn a pot of water

The parts that are in direct contact with the water, such as the liner, the top of the lid, and the temperature sensor, all use the high-quality 304 stainless steel material of GB4806 standard from Pohang. This stainless steel material is very safe and is widely used in the medical
and food industries. It has the advantages of no rust, anti-fouling, no odor, and easy cleaning.

Attachment: Mijia Thermostat Electric Kettle 304 Stainless Steel Third-Party Inspection Data

Test items Testing standards Testing requirements Test results
GB4806 Tested according to 4806 requirements meet the standards
Lead Pb GB/T5009.81-2003 ≤0.01mg/dm2 ND is not detected
Chrome Cr GB/T5009.81-2003 ≤0.4mg/dm2 ND is not detected
Nickel Ni GB/T5009.81-2003 ≤0.1mg/dm2 ND is not detected
Cadmium Cd GB/T5009.81-2003 ≤0.005mg/dm2 ND is not detected
Arsenic As GB/T5009.81-2003 ≤0.008mg/dm2 ND is not detected

Test data comes fromwithBoth test results meet the standard requirements.

Good wash no dead ends!
130mm large diameter integrated tank.

Stainless steel spout drawing process with integrated, seamless liner and integrally formed pot bottom smooth, no cleaning
dead, with 130mm large spout open end and a large angle 80 °, to facilitate cleaning hands or tools within the
bladder, not Worry about filth.

Use an elegant kettle to burn a pot of elegant water

Mi thermostatic kettle use of higher-quality food grade white * PP material to build the pot body shell, clean lines and beautiful; special outlet surface design, optimize water flow, effluent non-
regular supple, not dribble not splash. Whether it is placed on the coffee table in the living room or the kitchen bar, also, or the corner of a desk, it is minimalist, refined look every angle are the United States, in the design
accountant's eyes, not just a good kettle The water-burning tool in the corner of the kitchen is a part of life. The design of each detail is very important.

* The test results are from the PONY Phenix Test, Report No.: MDBXEIYN44320705

Quiet to boiling, 5 minutes!

Through the bottom of the 1800W high-power shaped heating loop heating, so that the water from the bottom up fully and evenly heated, rapid heating, from the press "boil" button to boiling only 5 minutes.

Triple security protection, rest assured

Mi thermostat kettle, triple intimate electrical protection design: First, the water is completely boiled-off automatic
power; second, to monitor the water when dry, automatic power-off; In addition, well-designed power connector
is effectively prevented Electric shock and leakage.

  • Hand touch to prevent electric shock
  • Drench water does not leak electricity
  • Dry burning automatically power off

Double-layer body, heat insulation is not hot

Mi's thermostatic electric kettle uses an inner and outer double-layer kettle body to wrap the stainless steel inner liner with food-grade PP plastic and leave a hollow insulation layer. Even with a high temperature of 100°C, the outside of the kettle is
only 40°C, and the heat insulation is not hot.

Two-stage damped lid design

Pressing the cover button, the lid opens slowly to 45 °, water lid aggregated beads not
be splashed out of the water to prevent rejection burns. You can also open the lid in addition to 80 °, parties
will further clean your tank.

Power cord storage

The excess length of the power cord wrapped around inside the base can organize, when the whole display using more
clean more beautiful.

British STRIX thermostat

Mi family temperature electric kettle using the British STRIX thermostat, the service life of up to 10 years.

Japan's Shibaura / China Laboratories High Temperature Sensor

The sensing temperature is accurate to ±1%. When the test water temperature reaches the set temperature, it will
automatically stop heating or start the heat preservation program according to your needs.

The pot should be well watered

With millet water purifier, effectively reduce scale generation

When the water contains an inorganic salt impurities, bacteria and organic substances, at a high temperature boiling conditions and the container is formed of scale adhered together, millet filtered tap water purifier is effective in heavy
metals, inorganic substances, suspended particles and other impurities , Reduce scale generation, purify water quality in line with the "national standards of food safety packaged drinking water" standard*, to allow family members to drink water with confidence.

* China Institute of Disease Control, Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Institute, Guangdong Province Microbial Analysis and Testing Center, China/Guangzhou, Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Center, Test Report Data

Remarks: The above data are from Yunmi Laboratories unless otherwise specified. The data will be different due to differences in the objective environment and actual use. One reference is from Baidu experience, Baidu knows, for reference only.

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