Mi Electric Scooter

1955 German Design Association founded Red Dot Design Award, is one of the top awards internationally recognized as a global industrial design, and Germany's iF Design Award, American IDEA award and called the world's three major design awards.
Mi small home electric scooters, won the 2017 Red Dot Award for Design Excellence (best of the best), is all red dot product design awards are the highest honor awarded only to each product category most outstanding design work.

Free walk through, all the way to beauty

Every departure, is a new starting point,
only to meet all the better.
Our shuttle every day in the streets, walking through the crowd,
that morning wind, the stars of the night, accompanied by the people ...
we have been pursuing the good,
in fact, on foot, on the side.

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Minimalist geometric design

Design not only the appearance, but also from
the outside to the inside originality and ingenuity

Mi small home electric scooters, accessories from frame to have a unified simple geometric design language, while the design minimalist appearance, but also carefully consider every detail feelings of users. Simple and approachable design of a key button on the operation, and even wired to modify and color are repeated scrutiny, only to let it become an engaging and easy to use scooters.

  • Jian Jie and beautiful unified geometric design elements>
  • Intimate and comfortable curved edge design pedal
  • Ingenious folding bells and common folding buckle

Starting from early morning ...

Fresh air, full of dew, crisp bird,
along with these beautiful,
give yourself a beautiful reason to

Standing tall and straight, have folding elegant
let the United States accompanied by, yes, good scenery all the way

A wave by a fastener 3 seconds fast folding, stable convenient

Innovative folding design, the bells tied to the rear fender with combination of clever hooks, located in ensuring the overall appearance of the
realization of a card folded case meter language, which addresses the user handling and storage problems, followed the minimalist appearance
originally designed.Grade level selection folding bicycle folding mechanism, safe, durable and difficult to shake.

On the elegant, more bones strong lightweight
so that the United States can ease

Aircraft-grade aluminum body, light to 12.5kg, easy travel

Mi small home electric scooter as a host selection of aircraft-grade aluminum support material, comprising a low density but high strength characteristics,
and having excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Vehicle weight about 12.5kg, whether at work or living environment can easily pick up.

Non-slip handle design, comfort grip intimate

Slip the auxiliary sleeve, even less likely to fall a long ride.

Push the throttle, riding speed to gain control

Selection rebound push the throttle, push the button to accelerate,
convenient and comfortable handling.

Power display, at a glance

Control over the button 4 LED power indicator lights, power boot glance.

A button, a variety of play [2]

Short turned off by the switch to open vehicle, long press the power on for 2 seconds or more switches off the vehicle; after the vehicle is turned on, a short press switch: on / off running lights; after the vehicle is turned on, continuously press the switch twice: switching between the normal mode and the energy saving mode.

Handover night tranquility ...

Colorful neon, coffee aroma, lively streets,
relax tired all day,
concentrate on enjoying this free air,
to the night a touch of bright red!

Super bright headlights
for the night escort

Not all electric scooter has a front illumination lamp, in poor light the road riding, and a 1.1 W irradiating high luminance up to 6 meters headlight make you feel safe.

Tail warning light
in the night touch bright red

A red warning light will highlight the tail forward with you in the night, kept flashing to prompt the rear of pedestrians and vehicles on weekdays press the brake lever.

Dual front and rear brake system
at night riding safety first

Mi small home electric scooters, ventilated disc brake system is mounted and E-ABS anti-lock system, the reaction can be rapid efficient braking, the braking distance is short to 4 m [3] , ride is safe and worry.

Have the courage to front line
and more importantly, calm down to earth

Seismic pneumatic tire slip resistant
flat dirt road, with the deceleration can easily pass

8.5 inch before and after pneumatic tire excellent shock absorption, with the majority of urban road and the deceleration can be smooth passage, anti-wear sheave surface, help you steadily forward. 250W brushless DC motor, stable output power, comfort and soft riding experience.

30 km long battery life [4]
This is the power all the way forward

Imported LG battery, intelligent battery management system, six intelligent protection

LG 18650 using high security powered lithium batteries, high magnification power supply, safe and durable performance.
Intelligent battery management system via mobile phone APP inform health of your battery pack, if there are problems timely reminder.

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Double overcharge protection
  • Double over-discharge protection
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • Undervoltage auto sleep

The energy recovery system
kinetic energy into electrical energy, more durable life

Mi small home electric scooters equipped with energy recovery systems used in automobiles. In the course of traveling, pressing the brake or release the throttle dip, the energy recovery system is started, a portion of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage, and reuse them. Energy recovery system can enhance the user experience for emergency braking, meanwhile, recovered energy helps to increase endurance.

APP smart butler

Mi small home electric scooters can connect the phone via Bluetooth, the phone is your dashboard, you can ride the current speed, remaining battery and other real-time viewing via mobile phone APP. Also a firmware upgrade for scooters by phone, to help you achieve optimal riding experience.

  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Cycling data monitoring

Humanized cruise [5]

Using the core technology of the car, the signal control component built-in unique algorithms and sent to the vehicle speed sensor is read, and then issues a command, match the speed setting, the vehicle will automatically turn on the smart riding mode at this rate, reduce driver's hands control the tension and fatigue, while the speed uniform, but also saves power.

Mi small home electric scooters

Free walk through, all the way to beauty

Minimalist geometric design, easy to get started 1 minute
30 km long life
dual brake system
portable folding
MRP 54,999

1. Thetraveling speed as adult normal walking speed of 1m / s, i.e. 3.6km / h Test.

2. Please read the manual instructions carefully.

3.In 20km h speed / temperature of about 20 ℃, 75kg load, to a pressure of 30-35PSI, measured dry flat asphalt.

4. This life at full power, 75kg load, a temperature of about 25 ℃, flat road in a windless environment, energy-saving mode to 15km / h measured at constant speed conditions, the actual life due to load, temperature, wind speed, road surface, and operating habits and other factors vary.

5. do not recommend more than 18km / h speed, detours, people more vehicles, turn this feature rain and snow.

* All the above data are from Na Enbo laboratory, the actual use of the process error can occur due to changes in objective conditions.

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