Sensor, my overall senses

12 The class sensor is all over my body and makes me better suited to the family environment

LDS Laser range finder sensor

Dust box detection sensor

Along the wall sensor

Collision sensor

Ultrasonic radar sensor

Fan speed sensor

Drop sensor


Gyroscope / accelerometer

Cliff sensor

Electronic compass sensor

A pair of bright eyes, let me accurately detect the interior space

High precision laser ranging sensor

LDS laser ranging sensor is my eyes, it will be 5 × 360 ° / sec speed scanning the room, access to distance information. When the laser is projected onto the obstacle, it will be in my                     The eyes of the formation of light spots. At the same time, the image sensor calculates the center distance of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel number of the spot.

*Laser ranging sensor data from the stone technology laboratory

  • 5 × 360° / Seconds scan
  • 1800 Times / second distance
  • Maximum precision ranging range 6m
  • error ≤ 2%

Touch the perception, love home is my responsibility

At work, when my shell gently hit the obstacle, it will occur slightly deformed, and oppression of the outer two buttons, the collision sensor through the button to determine whether the state is in oppression,
                    And the position of the collision on the left, right or middle, so as to protect the items at home from being damaged.

Ultrasonic induction, so I can see the transparent glass

My body has an ultrasound sensor that mimics bats ultrasound, the entire sensor is composed of two parts that are responsible for transmitting ultrasound and receiving ultrasound. The sound waves are propagating in the air.
                    The speed is 340m / s, according to the time difference between transmission and reception can be calculated and get my distance from the obstacle, so as to avoid collision, transparent objects can also correctly induction ahead of the slowdown.

Sweeping along the wall,
Even the walls are not let off

The most troublesome problem in the cleaning process is that the cracks in the wall are often not clean, I am
in the process of the wall along the wall,
                    Keep the distance of about 10mm, at the same time with the edge of the brush high-speed rotation can be completely the walls of the gap clean dust, do not miss home every inch of space.

Watch the wall sweep video Continue to learn about my cleaning system >

Balance and direction of the gyroscope, as well as accelerometer

The triaxial gyroscope on my body can detect the angle change in the yaw / pitch / roll direction to determine the machine orientation and the triaxial accelerometer
Judge the speed of the three axes of the X / Y / Z robot, which is used to determine whether the machine is tilted or with or without a sudden collision.

With the cliff detection, the protection I will not fall

My body has four cliff sensors to measure the height of the steps, each sensor consists of an infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube, the sensor installed in my bottom, infrared launch tube every other
The time to send infrared rays to the ground, if a long time to return or no return, then my chassis and the distance from the ground, so you can avoid my fall.

When I leave the ground, stop working immediately

I have a drop sensor that can detect whether the wheel group is being pressed to determine the current machine
Whether the normal operation, when the wheels off the ground, I will immediately stop working, greatly improved the handling
The process of security.

My every step, odometer will be recorded

My mileage is similar to the mileage of the car, multiplied by the number of revolutions of the wheel
The circumference of the wheel, so as to calculate the mileage of my work.

Filter in place detection, intimate reminder

Meter home sweeping robots alone filter in place detection, through the Hall magnetic sensor, whether the user is
Forget to install the dust box or filter, can correctly detect, to avoid the user forgot to install the dust box or
Filter fan damage.

Virtual wall, safer protection barrier

With the electronic compass sensor, I will be through the magnetic field sensor, accurate identification of virtual walls.
When I encounter virtual wall, will take the initiative to avoid, not unauthorized access to the virtual wall isolation area
area. In the bathroom with water, may be stuck in my place, the use of virtual walls to separate
From the protection of the smooth completion of cleaning.

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Accurate perception of fan speed

Fan speed sensor through the pulse detection fan speed, can accurately know the fan speed, thus forming a record of fan speed.

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