Quiet and clean
This is my sweeping basic skills

1800Pa Wind pressure noise reduction fan, streamlined silent air duct
Floating main brush with dynamic speed control brush, cleaning easy!

Large airless brushless fan, my powerful heart

My fan from Japan imported NIDEC brushless motor, the maximum air flow 0.67m ³ / min, continuous operating life of 1500小时*,风机采用
Streamlined eddy current duct, high static pressure low noise, the outlet position to increase the silencer cotton, reduce the exhaust noise at the same time will not wear suction./p>

* Data from the supplier of Japan NIDEC company, stone science and technology laboratory measured more than 1500 hours.

Surging suction, I still have a strong lung capacity

From Japan imported NIDEC brushless motor, so I can reach the maximum air flow 0.67m ³ / min, the maximum wind pressure 1800Pa *, a strong amount of wind
The strong wind pressure can quickly and effectively suck away attached to the ground or carpet on the dust, cleaning effect immediately.

1800PaMaximum wind pressure
* Measured by the stone science and technology laboratory, in the actual use of the product, the fan full speed mode, the maximum wind pressure is about 1800Pa 。

Streamlined ducts
So that I can clean and clean

Based on the aerodynamics of the streamlined duct design, the bell-shaped design forms a high static pressure
Area, a substantial increase in suction, and the duct wall of the wind side of the three sections of the arc design, smooth lead
Air flow, greatly improve the utilization of air volume, while increasing the fan wind angle, to avoid
Turbulence reduces noise and wind resistance, resulting in high static pressure and low noise.

Air duct sealing treatment
Do not be discouraged

The airway structure of the various parts of the connection where all the cracks are sealed
Management, dust box and air duct connection layer seal, to ensure the overall air tightness, from the ground
To the dust box, dust all absorbed, leaving no trace of trace. Speaker dust mouth with a soft
The vacuum suction hose system, which is used in connection with the dust box FIP Sealing method, floating
Flexible and tightly sealed.

"To clean the ground, no two brushes is not OK"

Let the ground clean from my floating main brush

Family floor environment, floor tiles, floor cracks and carpet edge is easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean. My floating main brush system can
According to the family topography floating up and down, close to the ground, without loss of suction at the same time the ground gap in the dust and garbage swept out
To the depth of the effect of cleaning the ground.

Cushion pad

The main brush module with the ground through the slow
Touch pad contact to avoid floating
Main brush system for user floor belt
To damage

Floating structure

The main brush module is moved up and down to prevent the ground
Face caused by the main brush floating, real-time fit to
Shape to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

Durable scraper

Choose to import Germany BAYER Made of materials,
Wear is not easy to deformation, the perfect seal to bring the wind
Zero loss.

V Font-type plastic integration of the main brush

1350RPM High-speed rotation, bipolar cyclone convergence on both sides
Garbage to the central location, and then by the center of super wind pressure will be
Garbage all into the dust box.

Let the wall clean from my dynamic speed control brush
High speed mode

Sweep along the wall or along the obstruction 330RPM High-speed operation, thoroughly clean up the edge area

Low speed mode

Z When the glyphs are cleaned in a straight line, 130RPM Low speed operation to ensure that garbage is not flying

Not picky eaters, I have a good appetite

Love me, never picky eaters, good appetite can be effective "eat in" a variety of family debris *, the maximum even
Swallowed the No. 7 battery, while a variety of debris can be smooth inhalation without stagnation card.

Click to watch suction video

* Through the test test, you can effectively clean cereal, sugar, millet, mung bean, soybeans, peanut / peanut shell and other family debris.

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