MI House Sweeping Robot

High IQ, Sweep clean and fast
Intelligent path planning|Wind pressure surging suction|Intelligent Remote control
|Long lasting battery
54999 MRP yuan
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This is me,

A versatile sweeping robot

Smart enough LDS And many other sensors Map generation, path planning Automatic chargeback Break away
Strong enough Large suction fan Floating main brush Dynamic speed control brush 10mm Sweep along the wall
Enough worry Minimalist design 5200mAh battery Intelligent Remote control Clean the map in real time
"Smart me, like people think"

Being well organized, I will plan the cleaning path at home

I have a large number of sensors that will get real-time data access to my three "brains" - the processor that they will simulate the human brain's thinking side
                    Type, and collaborate with each other, the collected data to the SLAM algorithm, build the room map, and real-time positioning. According to the map to divide the area and plan the sweep path, the most                     The end of the formation of the first along the edge of the Z-shaped cleaning path, one by one to complete the partition cleaning task.

  • Eye LDS Laser range finder sensor
  • Senses Multi-sensor co-operation
  • brain Three independent processors
  • Thinking SLAM Algorithm

A pair of bright eyes, let me accurately detect the interior space

High precision laser ranging sensor

LDS laser ranging sensor is my eyes, it will be 5 × 360 ° / sec speed scanning the room, access to distance information. When the laser is projected onto an obstacle,
                    I have a spot in my eyes. At the same time, the image sensor calculates the center distance of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel number of the spot.

  • 5 × 360°/ Seconds scang>
  • 1800 Times / second distance
  • Maximum precision ranging range 6m
  • error ≤ 2%
* Laser ranging sensor data from the stone technology laboratory.

Smart, three brains let me think independently

Three independent processors is my smart "brain", it will simulate the way the human brain thinking, and collaboration with each other, synchronized collection and processing pass
                    Sensor information, through the positioning and calculation, real-time construction of the map and planning the final cleaning path, so sweeping more efficient.

  • Allwinner
    ARM Cortex™-A7 Architecture quad-core application processing
  • TI Texas Instruments
    Digital signal processor
  • ST Microelectronics
    ARM Cortex-M3 Architecture of the microcontroller

Full sense, I can always detect complex environment

Different home has a different space environment, how to meet a variety of family environment? I covered the 12 kinds of mainstream robots with the sensor,
not on any family environment, 9.6cm body height can easily enter every corner of the house, see and see the place can be elegant to complete the cleaning.

Continue to know more of my body
LDS Laser range finder sensor
Along the wall sensor
Dust box detection sensor
Collision sensor
Ultrasonic radar sensor
Electronic compass sensor
Cliff sensor
Gyroscope / accelerometer
Drop sensor
Fan speed sensor

God machine Miao operator, industry-leading SLAM algorithm

Synchronous positioning and map building algorithm, also known as SLAM algorithm, was used in the United States NASA rover, Google unmanned aerial vehicles and other high-tech projects, it is
                    According to the laser distance measurement sensor to obtain the precise distance information and gyroscope direction data, odometer data, accelerometer data and other omni-directional data to calculate,                     This algorithm allows you to build a room map in real time and know exactly where you are on the map, thus providing a comprehensive path planning.

Go their own way, efficient completion of cleaning tasks

Based on SLAM algorithm,it the map to divide the area and plan the sweep path to carry out the cleaning. In cooperation with the sensor, I can know
Indoor ground object distribution, identification of obstacles and real-time planning cleaning path. In order to ensure the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, I will use the first Yanbian later Z Shape
Of the cleaning path, one by one to complete the district cleaning, efficient completion of the cleaning task.

Click to view the path to plan the video

Do not worry, I will automatically charge back and break off

Through my own laser ranging sensor scan and locate the cradle, identify its location on the map. when
The room all the cleaning is completed, I will automatically plan the shortest route back to the charging seat charge. On the way to cleaning,
If the power is less than 20%, I can automatically return to the charging station charge, when the charge to 80% after I
But also back to the last did not clean up the location to continue cleaning, eliminating the embarrassment of repeated cleaning.

  • Automatic chargeback
  • Break away
Click to watch the auto-back and break the video
"More than smart, I have a more solid sweeping basic skills"

Clean the ground like the ground, to love the clean me

I am in addition to a "smart" robot, it is a good helper clean clean. The whole machine floating ground, a strong high static pressure fan can effectively vacuum, at the same time
With the edge brush sweep, roll brush vertical volume and other three-dimensional cleaning system can easily suck up the dust, hair, debris, but also the depth of cleaning the floor, floor tiles dust. which is
So that walking barefoot on the ground, nor the slightest dust and grainy, so you always feel warm and clean home!

  • Powerful fan
  • Floating main brush
  • Dynamic edge brush

Surging suction, I have a strong lung capacity

From Japan imported NIDEC brushless motor, so I can reach the maximum air flow 0.67m3 / min, the maximum wind pressure of about 1800Pa *, a strong air volume
Bring strong wind pressure can quickly and effectively suck away attached to the ground or carpet on the dust, cleaning effect immediately.

Click to watch suction video
* Measured by the stone science and technology laboratory, in the actual use of the product, the fan full speed mode, the maximum wind pressure of about 1800Pa.

Sweeping along the wall,
Even the walls are not let off

The most troublesome problem in the cleaning process is that the cracks in the wall are often not clean, I am in
With the action of the wall sensor, in the process of scanning the gap along the wall and the wall is always accurate
Keep the distance of about 10mm, while the edge of the brush with high-speed rotation can be completely the wall
The gap of dust clean up, do not miss home every inch of space.

Watch the wall sweep video
Continue to learn about my cleaning system >
"Energetic, smart I have a higher pursuit of"

Clean appearance with love clean you

I use a modular design structure, composed of seven parts, the whole body is pure white, simple and elegant. 9.6cm tall so that I can walk through a variety of narrow
Narrow space, IMR process on the cover, let me texture translucent, the whole body with high-strength impact ABS material, wear is not easy to aging. While the bottom and bottom mining
With a matte treatment process, to avoid traces of the collision wear. Charging seat using fire rating V0 grade plastic material, effectively reducing the security risks.

Continue to learn more about my design >

Strong driving force
From my strong battery

LG / Panasonic original imported high-energy density 18650 lithium-ion batteries, capacity of 5200mAh,
                    Standard mode, the maximum single life of about 2.5 hours maximum cleaning area of ​​about 250 square meters *, special
                    Specially designed constant current constant voltage charging mechanism to ensure that the battery under a specific DOD (discharge depth)
                    Ring life of up to 2 years, at the same time with the auto-rechargeable intimate function, to meet the different areas
                    Family cleaning needs.

*This data was tested on a wooden floor sweep, and the data came from the Stone Technology Lab.

Multiple protection, please be assured that my battery is safe

My batteries are made of stainless steel shell, comes with PTC / CID and other safety devices, battery pack and
                 Matching power adapter are used first-class precision charge and discharge control chip, and battery protection board configuration
                    The first-class, two-level protection chip, based on user safety as the goal of the design of the battery pack
multi-protection board, with anti-overcharge, over discharge, overheating / cold, short circuit, overcurrent, secondary overpressure and other multiple security
                    To ensure that the battery pack is used for long life.

  • Overcharge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Secondary overpressure
* In line with GB GB21241-2014, and through UN38.3 air transport certification and other international safety standards.

Intelligent remote control,
No one at home can let me sweep

Open the home APP, you can view the real-time cleaning state, through real-time map to understand the cleaning schedule.
In addition, you can also arrange my cleaning task at any time, set up before work every day
The timing of cleaning time, after get off work from home can feel the clean ground brought little happiness. clear
Sweep, there are quiet, standard, strong three cleaning mode can be heart switch, and supplies to
Before the home APP will remind you to replace the relevant parts, a key order, intelligent control is
So simple*.

  • standard
  • Cleaning
  • Back to charge
* Sweep the path according to the actual situation, the picture is only the effect.

I have been hobbled to keep my companions more long

  • 1500 hour

    Continuous running life test

  • 300000 Times

    Collision Buffer Life Test

  • 10000 Times

    Key life test

  • 1500 Times

    Top cover opening and closing test

  • 1500 Times

    Dust box opening and closing test

  • 10000 Times

    Charging contact reliability test

  • -5℃ - 40℃

    High and low temperature work test

  • 2000 hour

    Fan reliability test

  • 50G

    Impact test

* The data presented in the above text are from the stone science and technology laboratory or the official determination, according to the actual use of the situation will produce errors.

Virtual wall, safer protection barrier

Meter house swept the robot virtual wall slim and beautiful, 25mm width and 2mm height,
                    It can be arbitrarily placed in any corner of the home, the surface of the magnetic field up to 300 gauss, through the fuselage
                    The front of the electronic compass sensor, rice house sweeping the robot can correctly identify the virtual wall and around the
                    Open without trying to cross.

Yuan (optional) yuan
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MI house sweep robot box filter

Regular replacement, effective filtering of dust

Yuan (2) yuan
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MI house sweep robot main brush cover

Regular replacement, always guaranteed cleaning

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MI house sweeping robot side brush

Regular replacement, so that the wall is always new

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MI house sweeping robot main brush

Regular replacement, cleaning more efficient

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