Mi Portable Mouse

Lightweight portable,
Battery weighs only containing 77.5g
Anodized aluminum + ABS shell material

MRP 1999
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth /2.4G
  • Over the surface of up to 95% more accurate
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • With battery weighs only 77.5g

Connect two computers using a
wireless adapter and dual-mode Bluetooth

Mi mouse support dual mode mobile connection using Bluetooth 2.4G wireless adapter and each
is connected to a computer, simply press the mode key bottom of the mouse between the two computers can be
switched freely.

An easy to use mouse, from the inside out fine.

ABS plastic has a durable environmental advantages, while the aluminum alloy difficult to corrosion, more upscale.
but also effectively scratch scratch, fingerprint-proof, impact crash. 0.6N with just the right button is pressed the front, so that the pressing feel more comfortable, easy to produce fatigue.

Consistent with the process of the metal surface MacBook

MacBook consistent with the anodizing process, with
fine blasting process, more wear resistant.

Fast and stable Bluetooth 4.0

Nordic using Bluetooth chip, to ensure
rapid transmission of lower power consumption.

Precision laser sensor

The original phase of high-end sensors, up to 95% performance over the surface,
in addition to the common mouse pad, the life of the desktop, frosted glass,
the surface of A4 paper, cloth, etc. can be used.

* High-speed precise laser positioning, fast and accurate mouse slide

Mi portable mouse photosensor uses a more sophisticated laser technology can produce greater contrast the image of the object surface by a laser, so that the imaging sensor mouse obtained
image is more easily discernible, the positioning accuracy of up to 1200dpi, meet the daily office games and entertainment use.

* Only works in the red laser simulation, not actual color when the mouse is positioned.

The other side, also beautiful

Footbed bottom refined than the outer, little-known also crafted, symmetrical design, while the function keys, the indicator, the positioning groove located on a straight line, the perfect design elements into the bottom of the optimized when using more smoothly, moderate resistance.

Open the battery cover gracefully

Compact design, even the back cover is also distinctive, gently rotate, you can open the battery cover, all Mi portable mouse comes standard with two Purple alkaline batteries, battery life lasting and reliable.

If there is no light matter, as if in the palm into the invisible

A housing rounded comfortable, whether left or right hand use are fully hand curve fit, button ABS material increasing friction
while allowing a more comfortable feel even after prolonged use, easy fatigue palms.

Compact body, easy to get better equipment

On business travel, office, tabulation and drawing a lot
of work to rely on portable
portable notebook is complete, the touch pad
alone can not meet the complex electrical
brain office. You need a slim portable mouse,
you can put it lightly
loose clothes into bags and even pockets.


Bluetooth devices to connect more practical and more fun

Mi portable mouse can be connected to home Mi television, flat panel, mobile phones and other devices.

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