Mi Electric Kettle

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Mi Electric Kettle

A glass of water is a family's relief
Rapid boiling | 304 stainless steel liner | 1.5L large capacity | double anti-hot | 13cm large diameter

MRP 3199

1.5L large capacity to meet many people drinking water at the same time

Rice appliances kettle capacity of 1.5L, once boiled water to meet a family drinking, without frequent boiling water.

5 minutes, from quiet to boiling

The rice cooker kettle heats through the bottom 1800W high-power shaped heating loop, so that the water can be fully and evenly heated from the bottom up, and the temperature rises quickly.


Good liner, burn a pot of water

304 stainless steel, water safer and cleaner

All the parts that are in direct contact with water, such as the inner liner and the lid, are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel of GB4806 standard. This stainless steel material is very safe and is widely used in the medical and food industries. It has the advantages of being resistant to rust, scaling, odor, and easy cleaning.

High quality thermostat for longer life

British brand STRIX thermostat, more boiling, more durable

Compared to ordinary thermostats, the British brand STRIX thermostats used in rice cooker kettles provide precise temperature control to ensure that the water is fully boiled. At the same time, STRIX thermostats have been used up to 10,000 times and last longer.

Two-stage damped lid design prevents splashes

Press the button to open the lid, the lid will slowly open to 30 °, hot water droplets gathered from the lid will not splash out, to prevent water burns.

Seamless one-piece liner, fits in a 130mm-diameter spout, clean without any dead ends

Rice Appliance Kettle adopts a seamless integrated technology to create a seamless inner wall. The spout has a non-profiled one-piece structural design. The bottom of the kettle is sleek and does not contain dirt. With a large 130-mm mouth and a large 75-degree angle opening cover, it is easy to use by hand. Or tools to clean the liner, no longer worry about filth.

Double-layer body, hollow heat insulation is not hot

Rice Appliance Kettle uses a double-layered body inside and outside, wrapping the stainless steel liner with food contact material and leaving a hollow insulation layer. Even with a high temperature of 100°C, the outside of the kettle is only 40°C, and the heat insulation is not hot.

Triple electrical safety protection, use more confidence

Rice Appliance Water Kettle, three-fold electric protection of intimate design: First, the water is automatically
turned off after the water is completely boiled; secondly, when water shortage and dryness are detected, the power is automatically cut off; in addition, a well-designed power connector
prevents electric shock. Leakage.

  • Anti-electric shock design
  • Dry burning automatically power off
  • Water cuts off automatically

Visual LED heating lamp, water status at a glance

Intimate process indicators, boiling water status at a glance, taking into account the night vision, to avoid misuse.

Power cord storage, neat and beautiful

Excess length of power cord can be wrapped around the inside of the base, placing it more tidy and beautiful when placed.

* All of the above data comes from Yunmi Laboratories. The actual use process is subject to changes in the objective environment or errors.
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