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Mi Bluetooth receiver earphone

Wireless portable, high-quality audio companion
A key manipulation Shu professional amp chip Shu Bluetooth 4.2 transmission technology Shu its own battery plug and play
MRP 3499

Enjoy music anytime, anywhere wireless
and wired devices to say goodbye

Enjoy a music player with headphones and music has become a part of our lives, but these devices can not separate headphone and our work entertainment inconvenience, trouble holding the phone listening to music during exercise, seeking to answer the phone while driving dangerous often haunt us, appeared millet Bluetooth audio receiver solve the headset and the device can not be separated trouble, let you bid farewell to the shackles of wires into the wireless music era.

A key control

Easy to use, easy to use

A key operation can be completed, including connection between the boot and the Bluetooth device, or a mobile phone to receive an audio signal emitted by other Bluetooth devices, wireless becomes wired immediately.

Support for Bluetooth 4.2 transmission

New generation Bluetooth chip architecture, adapted to the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, transmission distance to 10 meters. Optimal design for antenna efficiency, high efficiency system the received signal may be an effective solution because the Bluetooth device connected to the body portion labile barrier generated audio intermittent problem in complex environments interference signal is also not easily broken.

Reprise of the original, more real and more pure

We conducted in-depth research by the human auditory curve of millet Bluetooth audio receiver audio output full-band precision-tuned, and make the appropriate compensation for the human ear is less sensitive to low frequency, high frequency, so that the output sound fuller, true. And featuring professional amp chips, it provides an output signal to noise ratio high-low distortion, transient response, stable transmission signal at the same time, the output of high-quality music.

System optimization design, high signal to noise ratio

SNR refers to a system of electronic device or an electronic output signal power and noise power ratio of output simultaneously. The higher signal to noise ratio, the higher the quality of music playback. Millet Bluetooth audio receiver from the chip, the system is optimized upgrade design, signal to noise ratio to achieve a higher standard of industry, effectively guarantee the quality of music output.

It comes with batteries, plug and play

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and more secure protection system internal circuitry, a plug support continuous playback. Available full two hours 4-5 hours, with the plug can support simultaneous charging, no worry off.

Easily connect, isolation interference

Noisy office environment, even on millet Bluetooth audio receiver, to give you a dedicated work space, isolated interference, work more efficiently.

Car easy with a variety of uses

When driving, millet Bluetooth audio receiver can be connected directly to your car, use the car stereo music to enjoy safe, relieve fatigue caused by driving, music Xpress. *

* For models have 3.5 mm AUX interfaces

Elastic metal clip, carrying more casual

Body PC using advanced materials, with high brightness and smooth to the touch, simple and elegant modern design, pure white neat, compact intelligent, simple yet stylish appearance of the atmosphere. Metal complex elastic clip, easy to carry, easy to use solid.

Support area Second, the play is not boring

No need to download any drivers, you can connect two devices at the same time, richer content, so you have a variety of choices, while adding more fun to use, get rid of a single, two more pleasant. *

* A millet Bluetooth audio adapter can connect up to two devices simultaneously, each using only one device can be connected.

With 3.5mm audio cable, make connections more convenient

Millet Bluetooth audio receiver using the 3.5mm jack designed for connection between the product and wired devices, so that we have a more diverse selection, use and more convenient, can be connected to a wired headset, a wired speakers, car audio, whether it is sports, at home or traveling, it can be right where you are.

High-end quality assurance, more than 700 Reliability Test

In addition to superior sound performance, as well as the appearance of fine craft, product quality is equally important. Demanding test, every detail is left off,
the key life test, the number of tests or exceed the industry standard 3 times. Good sound, high-quality technology and strict quality assurance, given
the millet Bluetooth audio receiver high quality. *

* This product uses standard Micro USB interface to charge, in order to reduce e-waste, there is no additional charge line within the product packaging.
* Does not support Apple or an Apple MFI certified headset volume keys.
* The above figures are the results of laboratory testing, the actual test results may vary depending on usage or test environment is slightly different.

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