Mi Bedside Lamp

Overview | Specs

Mi Bedside Lamp

Dreamlike, colorful light world
Colorful light colors Home smart scene Touch
Touch operation Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dual mode
MRP 6499

Colorful dreams accompanied by good light

Mi's unique patented light mixing technology for bedside lamps* expresses all kinds of colors in a beautiful light, giving you the different colors you want, gently touching the colors of your bedroom, and adjusting the brightness. The colors of dreams can also be the same real.

* Unique optical architecture and patented light mixing technology, patent number: ZL201510318048.1.

Relax and let quiet blue embrace you around,
find your own quiet and indifferent.

Family time, let the warm yellow to give you pleasant atmosphere and let
loose mood to enjoy parent-child time.

Romantic atmosphere, let the passionate red create a good
time for the exclusive two .

Zhilian double-mode meters have me

Mi's bedside lamp uses Wi-Fi+Bluetooth dual-mode chip to quickly access Mijia APP to achieve wireless control and smart home linkage, and more gameplay upgrades.
"Little love students, open the bedside lamp", using millet AI sound and light dialogue,
with the Mi home temperature and humidity sensor, according to the room temperature level adjustment of light cooling.

Peace of mind

Turn on the sunset sleep mode, simulate the sunset light late in the night,
and slowly and secretly for 10 minutes until it is turned off.
Use the light to gently help you sleep a good night.

Wake up naturally

Turn on the Good Morning Awakening mode, simulate sunrise light every morning, light
up slowly in 15 minutes, reach the brightest, and
use the light to naturally wake the vigor of the day.

Touch operation is simple and convenient

The top of the lampshade is a large touch panel. Brightness and color are simple and interactive. Clicking the scene button will randomly switch between "Color Light", "Daylight" and "Streamer"; slide at the top edge of the lamp, and press and hold the scene key to adjust. Light color.

  • Colorful light, daylight, streamer
    switch light mode
  • Slide along the edge to
    adjust brightness
  • Hold down the scene key and slide the edge to
    change color
  • Click on the key to
    turn on the light off

Connect the millet bracelet to sleep automatically turn off the lights

When you are ready to sleep, connect the millet bracelet to light the bedside lamp on the rice bed. The light is gentle and helps you to sleep. The millet bracelet recognizes that after you go to sleep, it turns off the light automatically, and the light will follow your heart and let you sleep peacefully.

Produce sophisticated art lighting

The unique optical architecture and patented light mixing technology* with Osram's high-quality LED lamp beads, strive to be true and colorful for every light, and the color rendering index is as high as 95*. Unique two-color injection lampshade, crystal clear. The base is made of gold metal sandblasting technology, and the hand feel is delicate. Each bedside headlight is integrated into different home styles like artworks.

* Unique optical architecture and patented light mixing technology, patent number: 201510318048.1.
* The color rendering index is as high as 95, which means that the color rendering index (Ra) is 95 at the color temperature of 4000K. The test data is based on the “Yilian Lance Optical Test Report”.
Note: This page mentioned data, unless otherwise indicated, are from Yealink passenger laboratories or official determination, ring due to objective
changes in the environment and other factors, have different data or error.
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