MI Powerbank2

Bidirectional fast charge|Only 14.1mm thin| High density lithium polymer batteries|9 Heavy duty protection
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小米移动电源2 小米移动电源2
MI Powerbank series three years cumulative sales have more than 55 million

Data statistics from 2016 year 9 month 30 day


Full of energy, open energetic day

A good day from the beginning of breakfast, and a MI Powerbank 2nd generation can also give your phone to bring full charge; with 10000mAh, charge and discharge speed is faster keeping the classic silver at the same time, add a color version, whether commute or travel, it has gone all the way.

Process upgrade
Looks good, comfortable in hand

Anodized aluminum alloy shell + 180° Arc edge

One piece of metal shell, the surface after anodizing process, not only has a high structural strength, resistance to drop collision. But also anti-corrosion. More delicate surface sandblasting, more ergonomic arc design, compared to MI Powerbank 1st, MI Powerbank 2ndis easier to carry single-handed grip.


Only 14.1mm thin
Thickness less, carry a little easier

The new MI Powerbank 2nd gen with thickness of only 14.1mm, is thinner than the previous 1/3 gen, easier to carry in the bag / pocket

Charge and discharge faster
He has not come, the electricity has been filled

Automatic detection of device in a fast and safe way to charge, for MI Note
Fully charged in 1 hour and 55 minutes, 20% less than 1st. Can also pass through
live 5.0V2.0A,9V / 12V18W input, significantly shorten the charge
Full of their own time.


Dark, late at night
Continuous power, more time to accompany

You can rest, and it still works quietly. MI Powerbank 2nd gen's actual output capacity of 6900mAh, which is more than 1st gen increased by 10%. For your mobile phone, tablet, digital cameras and other electronic equipment to provide long-term reliable battery life. Power has not changed, but more of the charge!

  • 6900mAhActual output capacity
  • 93% Plate end conversion rate
  • MI 5 charge2.4times
  • iPhone 6 charge3.7times
  • MI USB fan40.5hour

High density lithium polymer batteries

Than the generation of charge and discharge efficiency of a higher secret

Using original lithium polymer batteries from ATL / Force suppliers, advanced circuit chips are not only safer,
High-precision resistance and capacitive devices, but also can effectively improve the charging conversion rate, stable discharge voltage.


Current collection and playback freely, portable accessories can also be safe while charging

Double-click the button to open 2 hours after the small current charging mode for the Bluetooth headset, millet bracelet charge.
No longer have to worry about charging a small current device.

  • MI bluetooth headset0.06A
  • MI bracelet0.025A

High quality circuit protection chip

Using Texas Instruments / purple rice custom charge and discharge chip. Not only to provide 9 heavy circuit protection, but also to enhance the overall charge and discharge efficiency.

  • Temperature protection

    Joined the thermistor and temperature control mechanism, indeed
    The lithium battery operates in a safe temperature range.

  • Short circuit protection

    Fit the fuse device, automatically when abnormal short circuit
    Protection against motherboard and battery damage.

  • Reset protection

    Add a reset circuit to handle when an exception occurs
    Condition leads to the product can not work properly
    Press the Power key to restore the normal work.

  • Input overvoltage protection

    Through the OVP circuit processing, to prevent the input voltage
    Too high to avoid damage to the back-end circuit.

  • Input anti-protection

    When the data line Micro USB When the port is plugged in, the power is on
    it will automatically interrupt the work to protect the charging device.

  • Output overcurrent protection

    Intelligent timely detection of output current when output current
    When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is turned off and protected
    Charging equipment.

  • Output overvoltage protection

    Intelligent detection of the output voltage, when the output voltage
    When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is turned off and protected
    Charging equipment.

  • Battery overcharge and over discharge protection

    Join Japanese special lithium protection device, effectively avoid
    Free battery overcharge and over, to prevent damage to the battery.

  • Hardware-level battery over-current short-circuit protection

    Pure hardware detection of battery overcurrent short circuit conditions, fast
    Response, blocking the battery circuit, the effective protection of the battery

  • 充放电更快他还没来,电已经充好了
  • 充放电更快他还没来,电已经充好了

* The above data are measured in purple rice laboratory, but the objective environment changes, the data will be different or error.

Figure used in the MI 5 mobile phone, need to connected to Micro USB to Type-C adapter in order to use the normal charge.

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