AMAZFIT Sports Watch

Overview | Specs

AMAZFIT Sports Watch

Throw away your phone and run

Bluetooth Songs | Sony 28 nm GPS | Sports Heart Rate
Ceramic Bezel | 5 Day Life | Smart Notification Alerts | Alipay Express Payment
MRP 19999

Bluetooth songs
throw away mobile phones to run

When running, use the Bluetooth headset to directly play the downloaded or copied music in the watch, which
can store 500 songs 1 and easily complete the moving target in your favorite rhythm.

Sony 28nm GPS
Accurately Masters Motion Data

Through the watch's built-in GPS module, it receives satellite GPS signals and
accurately records real-time trajectory, mileage, altitude, pace, pace, and other professional sports data,
providing the basis for you to analyze, improve, and improve the level of exercise.

Exercise heart rate monitoring scientific and effective exercise

Using PPG heart rate sensor,
combined with self-developed heart rate algorithm, real-time monitoring of heart rate changes during exercise will make your exercise more scientific and effective.

Carefree riding outdoor and indoor support

The watch on the wrist detects the heart rate throughout and is safe and quick.

Ceramic bezel weather display

The skin-friendly bezel made of ceramic material is durable and reliable.
The dial is always on and you can check the time at any time.
With a reflective display, the stronger the ambient light, the clearer and easier to read the dial;
automatically adjust the display backlight according to the ambient light, allowing you to get a clear screen display.

Intelligent notification reminds Alipay Express payment

Reading all kinds of messages and reminders from mobile phones directly on the watch,
supporting Alipay and other third-party applications, convenient and quick.

5 days battery life

35-hour GPS continuous running mode

Scratch resistant ceramic bezel

The hardness of ceramic bezel is second only to diamond and sapphire, which can effectively avoid abrasion and scratch.

Perspiration sports wristband

Silicone sports wristbands use a unique sweat slot structure, sweat is no longer afraid.

Watch Assistant APP

Configure watch parameters and upload sports data

Access to millet sports APP

Cloud Storage analyzes personal motion data


1 According to an average of 4.5MB per music file, the watch has 2450MB of storage space available. 2450/4.5 = 544 first calculation;

The test conditions for the 25-day battery life are Bluetooth connection, which runs for half an hour every day, and 200 messages are pushed. The test conditions for 35 hours of battery life are the Bluetooth connection and communication on the watch, the GPS mode during running, and the point-to-point remind function. In actual use, the battery usage time is related to various factors such as setting, operation and use environment, and may be different from the laboratory data.

3 The user available space is about 2.4GB, 1GB=1,073,741,824 bytes;

4 All data of this product station are sourced from Huami company design technical parameters, laboratory data and suppliers. The structural pictures displayed by the whole station are functional schematic diagrams, not absolute actual structures, and ultimately the actual objects

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