Xiaomi Rotary Electric Shaver

Overview | Specs

Xiaomi Rotary Electric Shaver

3 cutter head 360° floating shaving, shaved clean and shaved quickly
Bicyclic foil, double-blade Shu double speed mode, fast shaving Shu wet shaving double, waterproof IPX7 systemic level

MRP 5999

  • Fit more people's
    facial contours
  • Smooth, comfortable
    shaving experience
  • Double blade
    shaved short and thorough
  • Body washing is
    simple and convenient

Thorough, thorough and efficient shaving is our basic requirement for an electric shaver. In addition, we also hope to bring more comfortable shaving experience to the user: The flexible floating head can
actively fit the facial curve, and the head-knife net is made of skin-friendly materials and processes. At the same time, long-term battery life and fast charge design also allow the Mijia Electric Shaver to be
a loyal and reliable partner to the user.

Adapt various facial contours, leaving no stubble in the corner

3 cutter head 360° floating overlay design

The upper lip, chin, cheeks, cheeks, throat, beard everywhere, grows in different directions.
Complex facial contours and beard orientation require a more flexible razor. Mijia Electric Shaver is a 360° floating veneer system with
3 cutter heads designed to easily face beards in different corners of the face, shaving without leaving any marks.

  • Omnidirectional floating cutter head
  • Floating knife net

Shave a double beard at once, clean and comfortable

Double ring knife net, double ring blade

Mijia's electric shaver uses a double-circle knife net and a double-loop blade design, which is 50% more than the single-loop knife net. Inner and outer toothed ring mesh number are 45 teeth and 90 teeth ratio of
Example 1: 2. The number of inner and outer ring blades is 5 groups and 10 groups, respectively, and the ratio is 1:2. It completely matches the inner and outer ring mesh tooth distribution and
effectively balances the shaving efficiency of the inner ring and the second ring.

  • 135 teeth

    Double ring knife network × 3
  • 15 groups

    Blade × 3

The knife lifts the beard and the main knife cuts off

Double blade, shave shorter and more thoroughly

Faced with soft beards and inconsistent beards, sharp razors may not be able to shave cleanly. The knife net itself also has a certain thickness (about 0.1mm), and it is
easy to leave about 0.1mm of stubble on the face. In order to solve this problem, Mijia electric shaver is equipped with a thin 0.08mm auxiliary knife on the outer ring main knife.
The auxiliary knife is responsible for lifting the beard first, and then the main knife cuts off the beard quickly and shaves short and thoroughly.

cutter head blades are made of imported high quality steel

Knife net master knife material from Japan JFE company, auxiliary knife material from Sweden SANDVIK company.

The ECM Electrochemical Machining Technology is
smooth and smooth, and the cutter head is sharp and wear-resistant

In order to avoid the tool wear and deformation caused by the traditional grinding process, we used the
ECM electrochemical machining process in the field of precision medical equipment to process the cutter head and knife net, which not only avoids the appearance of metal burrs, but also
greatly improves the wear resistance of the cutter. . The flatness and fit of the three groups of blades and blade nets are better, and they can
be matched to any degree.

In the face of thick beard, still crisp

Accelerate the gear, deep clean

Mijia Electric Shaver uses Japan's MABUCHI MOTOR 260 motor, which has large torque, high rotation speed and stable performance.
Mi's electric shaver is equipped with two types of gear: standard gear and speed up gear. The standard gear is suitable for users with normal beard density. The upshift
allows the razor to glow at a cutting speed of about 3.9 m/s, making it ideal for the deep cleansing needs of whiskers. In the power on state,
press and hold for 1 second to switch the standard gear/accelerator, and the next time you turn on the machine, the last time you use the gear is automatically memorized.

  • Cutting speed up to approx. 3.9 m/s
  • Automatic memory

PPG anti-fingerprint hand paint

Avoid leaving fingerprints, etc. in the hand-held process. At the same time, it also makes the razor's overall grip feel more comfortable.

Travel lock to avoid accidental start

In order to prevent children from accidentally touching or accidentally booting during travel, you can also open the travel lock. Shutdown mode, press the switch
button for three seconds to enter the travel lock state; under travel lock state, the open key three seconds to exit the locked state.

Clean/Fault Lamp, Remind Cleanup

When the excessive accumulation of beard hair chamber, the impact of razor optimum performance, clean / fault lights, alert the
user timely clean the hair chamber.

Rinse and clean directly, support wet and dry double shave

IPX7 body waterproof

Want a softer, smoother shaving experience? You can apply a shaving foam to soften the beard after cleansing your face,
then shave it comfortably with a rice electric razor. Mi electric shavers IPX7 waterproof design, direct machine wash, clean
clean and convenient. In addition, do not shave before bathing, bathing liquid, shampoo and hot water and other stimuli, easily lead
to discomfort at the shaving site , and even redness.

  • Can be flushed directly
  • Support dry and wet double shave
* IPX7 waterproofing means that the equipment can be soaked in 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes without causing damage to the equipment due to flooding. The charging base is not waterproof.

One charge, shaving 30 times*

Charge for 2 hours, battery life 60 minutes

Mi's electric shaver has a built-in lithium battery, which can last for 60 minutes at full power and can be shaved about 30 times*. When the battery is low, it will not be able to boot up. After
5 minutes, you can use it normally once. The USB charger can be charged with a mobile power source or a computer.

  • USB

  • 5 minutes

    Fast charge can be shaved once
* Based on the standard 2 minutes conversion per shave.

Cooperated with the 100-year brand "Remington"

Remington, REMINGTON was founded in 1816, a well-known American brand, produced the first safe electric shaver in 1937.

1. Shaver is a private health care product. Please stick to the dedicated person.
2. It is recommended to use after-shave lotion (milk) after shaving to help shrink pores, reduce inflammation, and maintain skin health.
3. Apply gentle pressure on the face by gently applying a continuous pressure to the face, shaving it without having to rub repeatedly in the same place.
4. The first use of the skin may be mildly irritating, which is normal. It is advisable to use the razor regularly (at least 3 times per week) for a period of 3 weeks in order to allow the skin to adapt as quickly as possible.
* The above data are all from Shu Ke (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. The actual use of the data due to changes in the objective environment or errors.
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