Mi Home Car Air Purifier

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physical dimension

Purification efficiency

  • CADR value (the amount of clean air)
    target pollutant

    CADR (Clean air delivery rate) the amount of clean air, the air purifier of parameters characterizing purification capabilities, to provide a clean air unit time value expressed in cubic meters per hour (m3 / h) units. CADR larger the value, the better the cleaning effect of the cleaner.

  • Recommended area

    For an area calculated by CADR values ​​for an area the size of space is also affected by factors such as height and floor area ratio. Mi for an area based on the air purifier "air cleaner" (GB / T 18801-2015) Annex F (informative) area calculation applies: Apply area = CADR * (0.07 ~ 0.12)

Intelligent modules

  • Bluetooth 4.1 support smart phone link, remote control
  • PM sensor (Amphenol USA)


  • Power rated power 6.5w
  • Rated voltage of 12V / DC

Package Contents

Packing size 470mm × 160mm × 160mm

Body Function

  • Switch / mode switch
  • Air quality / operation indicator
  • PM sensor

Smart phone remote control

  • Air quality testing
  • Speed ​​regulation
  • Filter life calculation

Mi APP, while supporting two versions of Android and iOS

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