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Integrated cartridge barrel, double efficient purification

Air-purifying respirator cartridge depends on the good or bad, for the supercharging system with dual turbo fan, to achieve a comprehensive purification effect, integrated design 360 ° barrel sufficiently increase the contact area between the filter cartridge and air pollution, effectively enhance the purifying capability . Filter material from Toray, intercepts hair from the early effect, the fines to the high efficiency filter PM2.5, pollen and other particles invisible, protective layers, double purge air inside the vehicle.

Early effect of strong adsorption filter large particles of suspended matter
dust / fines / hair / floe

First PET material effect screen
360 ° annular knockdown larger particles

Select PET (unsaturated polyester) material to do the early effect of the filter, the use of higher strength, and has a strong folding, oil resistance, fat, resistance to acid, alkali and many other features. Even if long-term use, but also to ensure long-term life of the filter. Using 360 ° barrel structure, high efficiency filter intercepting dust, hair, and other large fines suspension.

H11 high efficiency filter, the depth filter particulate matter
PM2.5 / PM0.3 ~ 0.5 / pollen

H11 high level of high-density filters
details to create a folded mountain

The second layer efficiency particulate air filter, the filter may be as small as micron-sized fine particles, the same material widely used in medical and laboratory equipment. Using the Toray (TORAY) H11 advanced stage filter, strong adsorption of harmful PM2.5, PM0.3 and pollen and other particulate matter. Details of the sieve to create a folded mountain, strong crease reduce wind drag, so that the rapid flow of air.

  • Expand the area of about 0.5 M 2
  • Bend up to 70 % off

Simple 2-step, 10 seconds to complete the filter replacement

Integrated filter barrel, the filter layers of conventional avoid dust occurring during disassembly, from the source to prevent secondary pollution.
Simply open the back cover, remove or put into the filter, to complete loading.
Simple and convenient, neat and tidy.

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