Xiaomi Car Air Purifier

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every time

Relaxed breathing

You can feel an instant injection of clean air

Heart, blood

And every grain cells

Like being in the forest, clean, quiet

Diesel, purification of
3 minutes *, car air renewed

Breathing accompanied every moment of life, every breath of quality directly affects the health of every cell in our body.
Car closed environment so that air can not circulate and effectively update, Mi car air purifier with a high standard of purification filters, clean air delivery
rate (CADR values) up to 60m³ / h. Ordinary family sedan interior space of about 3m³, just three minutes, you can let the car air a new look!

  • 20 times purification hour
  • 60 m³ / H purifying capability (the CADR value)

* Is the choice of a conventional sedan 3 minutes Jiajiao (interior space about 3m³) laboratory measured value, depending objective environment, or have different data error.

Air circulation from back to front
so that clean air is filled every corner of the car

The internal structure of the space vehicle, the recommended vehicle-mounted air purifier Mi mounted on the back of the rear seat headrest, so that the purified
clean air outlet angle can be smoothly circulated in the cabin as a whole.
Rapid movement along the roof to the front of the cabin driving,
and then along the side of the door, the vehicle floor, front routed back spread throughout the cabin, the vehicle form a cycle.

  • 3m³ purify a car space about 3min
  • 5m³SUV space purification time about 5min
  • 7m³ commercial vehicle space purification time about 7min

Mirroring the fan wheel designed
to purify the air and fast

Three sides into the wind

Cycle three sides into the wind, increasing the inlet area of the interior air charge to give
split-cycle, to enhance the purification efficiency.

Mirroring the fan wheel designed
to purify the air and fast

Two Fans wind

Unique fan design wheel a mirror, fully optimize the air duct curve,
airflow outlet resorted to running more smoothly; at the same time increasing the pressure,
volume and speed can be sustained and stable.

  • Centrifugal turbo fan

    Coaxially mounted on the mirror using two forms, the fan new custom design, duct design optimized using Archimedes spiral curve, the centrifugal fan blades driven wheel, to increase air pressure while maintaining a stable pressure and wind speed, reduce noise without affecting purifying effect.

  • Efficient brushless DC motor

    The ideal performance of the motor type, the core components of ball bearings from Japan NSK, fan control chip level gauge Belgium MELEXIS car brand, the whole forming, high reliability, no commutation spark, strong controllability. From tens to thousands of revolutions per minute can be very easy to implement.

  • Dust sensor

    High-quality American Amphenol dust sensor, changes in real-time detection of PM2.5 car, smart car adjust net operating range.

  • Efficient filter

    Monolithically integrated early effect filters, Toray efficiency filter stage H11, 360 ° cartridge barrel, three inlet side perspective ensure adequate intake air flow while the air can be efficiently filtered particulate matter.

High-quality filters, layers have a good air purifier

Air-purifying respirator cartridge depends on the quality, selection of raw materials from Toray filter from the early effect knockdown hair
fines to the high efficiency filter PM2.5, pollen and other particles invisible, protective layers, the dual purification.
360 ° barrel unitary cartridge filter design and sufficient to increase the contact area between air pollution, effectively enhance the purification ability.

Learn more about filter>

Silently watching, quiet and fresh can have both

The silent mode, the noise up to 42dB (A). This means that the vehicle is running, almost feel its presence.
Benefits centrifugal fan wheel is even in the silent mode, the output value of clean air amount has reached CADR 30m³ / h.
Only at high efficiency 3.5W DC brushless motor, rated power 6.5W, silent mode.

  • Noise as low as 42dB (A)
  • Rated Power 6.5w

Innovative car clean installation
bumpy road safety remains strong

There are good air accompanied the car safe and secure facility of the same weight
Mi car air purifier innovative fixed square
type, with the car headrest, let Mi car air purifier
firmly fixed, even in the face bumpy road, but also to ensure stable
given security.

APP intelligent control
car air quality at a glance

Open Mi APP, view real-time changes in air quality inside the car, and according to
the actual need to adjust their own mode of operation.
At the same time, APP features a
filter change reminders, and purchase a key link, the degree of wear and tear intimate inform cartridge.

  • Show car air quality
  • Intelligent remind filter replacement
  • Buy a key filter

Trustworthy, outstanding component suppliers

  • Filter supplier
    Toray, Japan's leading chemical companies
  • Bluetooth chip vendor
    Dialog, the world's leading Bluetooth chip makers
  • Sensor supplier
    US Amphenol Amphenol
  • Motor core component suppliers
    world-renowned brand precision ball bearing motor
  • Plastic supplier
    BASF, Germany's leading chemical companies
  • Plastic supplier
    LG Chem, well-known chemical companies

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), the amount of clean air, the air purifier means in a desired condition and under the test conditions specified, for the target contaminant (particulate and gaseous pollutants) denote the purification ability of the air cleaner provides clean air rate. Which is a unit of cubic meters per hour (m³ / h).

The above data are from Rui meter laboratory test data to the actual situation due to the software version, the specific test environment, depending on the specific version, slightly different, for reference purposes only.

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