Mi AMAZFIT Bip Lite Youth Watch

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Mi AMAZFIT Bip Lite Youth Watch youth version

Fun run
Life 45 days Shu GPS + GLONASS dual-mode positioning Shu exercise heart rate Shu 32 g
MRP 9999

Hey, remember that a good income charger

One day at a charge? One week a charge? No, not good enough. Youth edition watches, one charge, with 45 days in a row 1 , be sure to put away your charger Oh.
Monitoring only a few steps and sleep properly due four months 2 life.

  • 45 days battery life

, The running locus to the shape of a love Ta

Watches with built in Sony's 28 nanometer low-power GPS chip,
using GPS + GLONASS dual-mode positioning satellite signal search, quick and accurate. The GPS sports watch, even if the phone is not around,
when the movement is capable over many things, run a love shape track, take a look at their own pace ride can not catch up with F1 racing,
throw off the arm to a 10 km to run a happy.

  • Locus
  • Outdoor running
  • Indoor run
  • Riding
  • Walking
  • The number noted in history
understand more

Currently supports 4 kinds of sports modes:
Outdoor running, indoor running, cycling, walking, can meet your various sports needs. Under different sports modes, detailed exercise data such as exercise duration, pace, maximum speed, movement distance, real-time heart rate, and upslope/downhill height can be viewed separately.

on the watch can be set to remind the pace, heart rate is too high a reminder to let you safely and efficiently exercise. In the history record, you can also directly view the historical motion records and trajectory charts, which are very interesting.

Playing outdoors, properly the drop

Weather watch screen display, can see what Taishou; sharper the reflective display, the stronger the outdoor light screen;
full open GPS, battery life of up to 22 hours 3 , you do not have a cross-country run carrying charging Po;
waterproof dust IP68 4 , basically to go anywhere.

  • Weather display
  • Reflective Display
  • GPS
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • compass

Aerobic and Anaerobic see at a glance

Small watches, full monitoring changes in heart rate, movement amounted to non-compliance, the effect is good, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise,
at a glance, Bel peace of mind and convenience.

  • PPG sensor

Do not dig the phone, QQ messages directly to see

Not only can directly see the QQ, micro letters, SMS messages, there are a lot of things to do: connect the phone to help you unlock the phone lock screen; when the phone did not hear, vibration to remind you on the wrist; considerate watch vibration alarm, you just wake up a person; sit for too long, the watch will call you up and Dodo.

  • APP notice
  • incoming call
  • Alarm reminder
  • Sedentary reminder

Run with the new movement millet 3.0 million users

The new sports watches and millet with the use of 3.0, bring a new sports experience and more accurate motion data, many close friends of customization features let you exercise more cool,
do not lazy cancer, with ten million 5 together people movement!

To free, how can the shackles

Even with the strap, and only 32 grams, with the same lightweight sports bracelet! Wear no sense, unfettered by a three-step layup,
wearing a sleep, even the walk will be open when the black becomes wonderful.

  • 32 g weight

Do not worry, just pick four colors

Obsidian Black, ah, cool for you. Do not worry, khaki green is also good, whoops, flame orange is very bold, gray sandstone is very suitable to send GF thing.
Case 4 color options, skin-friendly sweat strap 6 are quick release, you can quickly replace with their own preferences.
Follow-up and a bunch of customization strap section after another meeting, so stay tuned.

Obsidian Black sandstone gray khaki green flame orange

1, 2: data from the Chinese sports science and technology laboratory meters, the actual use of the environment and personal habits due to the use of different, may be slightly bias.
4, IP68 water and dust by a third-party professional organizations SGS detection, Report No.:SHES170500407001, can withstand 1.5 meters of fresh water at room temperature soak for 30 minutes, but not for swimming and bathing.
5, data from the China Science and Technology meters. M moving large data analysis team.

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