Mi PM2.5 Air Quality Detector

Overview | Specs

Mi PM2.5 Air Quality Detector

At any time, the air quality in one hand

High-precision laser sensor | one black OLED screen
intelligent interaction | compact and lightweight
MRP 8500

Air you breathe really clean?

You can see the blue sky really clean? Sometimes seemingly clear sky not really clean, the air contains a lot of harmful substances,
in addition to sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, can not be ignored is that PM 2.5.
Its small size, large area, high activity, easy accompanying toxic and harmful
substance, and a long residence time in the atmosphere, transmission distance, affect human health.

Mi PM2.5 detector
at any time, the air quality in one hand

Mi born PM2.5 detector can not always solve the problem to understand the air quality around, one with a black OLED screen in compact size,
while adding high-precision laser sensor can grasp PM2.5 values in your environment at any time, through linkage with millet air purifier, so that purify
the air it becomes more and more simple and casual, this is the unique charm Mi PM2.5 detector!

Intelligent interaction,
a good partner of the air purifier

If you have purchased millet air purifier, it will be the best partner purifier,
you can set the air pollution index range, if excessive pollution, remote turn on automatic cleaner
air to improve.
Air purifiers can also read Mi PM2.5 detector as
a reference value, to obtain more accurate air purification *.

* Mi PM2.5 detector air cleaner only millet, millet air cleaner 2, an air cleaner Mi Pro linkage.

Good morning, air purification has been completed

When the first ray of sunshine every day to the face, Mi PM2.5 detector has already opened millet air purifier for you. Get up now! To enjoy the clean air give you energy, while welcoming time mode also allows you to get to know if they are going to be late.

Good morning, air purification has been completed

Good night, it closed purifier for you

Purify all day, good air quality at home, so that air purifiers can also take a break, set the timing for closing the air purifier, silent sleep aids easy, of course, for a good quality of sleep, it will adjust the screen brightness, so you sleep better feel.

Good morning, air purification has been completed

This palm-sized, pocket at any time

This can be a pocket of PM 2.5 detector, no matter where you go can carry. Minimalist design,
62 is 37 [X 62 is X (mm) in size, weighs only 100g, with the battery can last for 2 to 3
hours, allowing you both in outdoor sports or working in the room, the ambient air can be real-time well aware of.

  • 62x37x62 (mm)
    compact size

  • 100g
    lightweight body

  • 2 to 3 hours

  • Relax, the car can take a deep breath

    In the afternoon, on the way to see customers, and readily turn on the car's Mi PM2.5 detector, always know the car's
    air quality, flexible and open windows or car cleaner, let the air inside the car is also clean as new.

Natural, whole black OLED screen

Black screen with the fuselage integration, people full of imagination. OLED screen compared to traditional LCD screen LCD, the light source need not rely on the back,
is a self-luminous material, higher resolution, faster response time, with the color change indicator changes you make tips intuitively feel the air quality.

Precision laser sensor,
so that impurities undetected

Mi PM2.5 detector has a pair of good details eyes, its built-in high-precision laser
sensor can accurately see the microscopic world, minimum resolvable particle diameter of 0.3μm particles,
accurately reflect the quality of air, the air purifier with millet linkage, so that family time fresh and clean.

From the inside out, from industrial production standards

Mi PM2.5 detector can detect and deliver precise data, because within its compact body, with industrial production standards.
White ABS case with black OLED screen composition "panda color", coupled with high-precision laser sensor to bring stability hard power, bring more confidence in the overall product experience.

Just a button to complete all operations

Simple appearance, is more simple matching operation. A key design the whole body,
not only can display the detection data, but also a mode key to switch to time, instantly transform the small clock.

Small size, great wisdom

Intelligent control, allowing you peace of mind at ease

  • Remote monitoring even if you're out, you can also phone
    end view of air quality in the home client

  • Historical data detector recorded historical data can help you
    see the air quality change certain period of time

  • Night mode detector will automatically reduce screen brightness at night to work
    to ensure that monitoring data but also will not disturb your sleep

* All data are from Division I test lab, the actual use of the process
according to changes in the environment may have different error, please carefully read the product manual
or purchase and use under the guidance of medical staff.

So the whole family at ease breathing air

If and when the home monitoring air quality deterioration, consider using millet air purifier for air purification.
2 only millet air purifier can purify air PM2.5, further purification formaldehyde, allergens, smoke,
chemical pests, harmful benzene, dust, etc., every second, clean air fill the room.

Learn millet air cleaner 2>
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