Mi Portable WiFi

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Mi Portable WiFi

MRP 749

Mi portable WiFi

Plug connected computer or laptop
cell phone, Pad even now for free WiFi

Plug in a computer connected to the Internet, you can create a free WiFi Mi portable WiFi network,
your cell phone and tablet immediately connect to WiFi, you no longer have to worry about traffic!

* Corresponding component supports Mi portable WiFi need Windows system, there may be some computer use problem, please see the FAQ>

You can access multiple devices
with small partners to share WiFi network

Internet access account dormitory brothers did not flow, no WiFi hotel on a business trip, self-study room only cable outlet ...
and quickly created with Mi portable WiFi WiFi networks, share with your little friends.

Plug in, connect, Internet! It's that simple to create WiFi

After plug in the computer or laptop, start Mi portable WiFi, your phone, tablet can connect to WiFi.
For the first time need to download and install Mi portable WiFi clients.

With Mi portable WiFi APP, the mobile phone becomes a remote control

It supports file sharing, mobile wireless transmission, remote shutdown, lock, remote control PPT, file management and so on. More exciting features and games are played, download Mi portable WiFi APP

  • Mi portable WiFi handset to see largePhone directly on the computer to see a large
  • Mi portable WiFi mobile phone remote computer shutdownPhone remote computer shutdown
  • Mi portable WiFi mobile phone remote control slideMobile phone remote control slide

Say goodbye to cable,
will be transformed into a portable WiFi wireless card

Unable to connect to a wireless desktop or notebook without carrying card, as long as the inserted portable WiFi,
switch to the wireless LAN mode, to receive a WiFi signal, breaking away from the cable.

Coin size, carry
it practical phone pendant

2.7 cm high and approximately equal to a size of 1 yuan coin
comes with a lanyard, or hung on the phone key chain, used with the dial.

Six colors optional

Each color has a unique user interface with color, good-looking and better use!

Mi portable WiFi

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