Mi sphere Camera Kit

Overview | Specs

Mi sphere Camera Kitkit

360 ° wonderful seize every moment
23.88 million effective pixels
3.5K video recording
6-axis electronic image stabilization
IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof
MRP 41999
* Standard memory card is not recommended to use mainstream brands U3 specifications of the high-speed Micro SD card, the official recommended parameters, see page card.
  • 360 ° Angle
  • 23.88 million effective pixels
  • 3.5K video recording
  • IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof
  • Electronic image stabilization axis 6
To give yourself a fresh point
also to the boring world
shouted toward the front
do not look back, do not be afraid, do not give up
this time
without turning also to retain a full 360 ° play the full video

With a 360 ° view
recorded every moment wonderful

  • Dinner with friends

  • Outdoor sports

  • Family activities

  • Travel Documentary

360 ° panoramic view

+ Ultra-wide angle large aperture lens reflex prism, blind smaller shoot more

Panoramic camera during the filming due to the size and thickness of the body affected, will produce a corresponding blind spot, we strive
to minimize blind spots. Two 190 ° ultra wide-angle fisheye lens has every single large aperture F2.0; two mirror
head through the reflecting prism together, the design and manufacture of this optical module requires configuration of a high, but it can
wider coverage, significantly reduced both ends of the blind.

With a panoramic camera selfie stick
panoramic Mi blind spots can also be smaller

Mi panoramic camera selfie with bars to complete a photographing button, the bottom of the camera after installation Mi
connector contacts, tap button camera photographs, taken between and shoot, press lever selfie automatic
switch, meet different needs.

7K static panoramic photos
will be everywhere we collect all of them

Up to 23.88 million effective pixels

Two image sensors from Sony, a size of each of the photosensitive reached
1 / 2.3 inch, single-pixel pixel up to 1600W, fight seamlessly
connected to a resolution of 6912 × 3456 panorama effective pixels 2388
million and 7K reached imaging standards.

Ultra high-definition panoramic video recording 3.5K
complete record of about 360 ° up and down

Ambarella's professional image processor

An image processor Pa professional, can be captured by the lens of the two active screen for
calibration and color adjustment, achieve a smooth transition of the screen, support 1728 × 3456 / 30fps
2304 × 1152 / ultra-high definition video recording of 60 fps, to meet the household, outdoor, tourism, commercial
business, news, documentary and other common shooting.

Powerful image stabilization stable good quality
Motion picture is still clear and smooth

EIS hardware-level electronic image stabilization

Mi panoramic camera built 6-axis electronic image stabilization, use either flip, pitch, partial
route, the screen can be corrected in real time, even shooting skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving and other high-speed motion
can be obtained when a stable fluid motion.

More than just these thrilling 360 ° panoramic image
connection exclusive APP
explore more rich and interesting new ways

When light and shadow shuttle stop in front of
the acceleration of time feeling

Lapse video by APP panorama shooting

Panoramic delay video has become easy and simple, just meters from home panoramic
choose your camera to delay shoot camera APP length of time, the camera will automatically
shoot and generate panoramic lapse video.

Noisy night
time seems to stand still 32 seconds

It supports up to 32 seconds manual exposure

The city is still busy night, try using Mi panoramic camera
to take a shock of long exposure panorama.
APP provided by
opposing longest 32s manual exposure, under minimal night
light can easily capture.

So the world can see your masterpiece

Share your panorama masterpiece on Sina Weibo

Panoramic images can be shared by Mi panoramic camera APP to social APP, also
to select the shooting 10s, 20s, long shooting 30s, quickly generate a short video link points
shared to your social APP.

  • Video Clips
  • Background music
  • Add Filters
Not only it can take stunning panoramic images
can accompany a more permanent record of your
big battery + fast charge
and even the fuselage 360 ° also crafted

How wonderful Yung off? It looks more and more lasting

Built-in large capacity battery fast charge + QC2.0

Mi panoramic camera built-in 1600mAh high capacity battery. At room temperature fully charged, it can take 200 panoramic photos; under the state open Wi-Fi can record high-definition panoramic video 75 minutes; under Wi-Fi off 90 minutes can record high-definition panoramic video. QC2.0 support fast charging, but also with millet mobile power charging for it.

* Battery life mad scene data from the laboratory measured values, depending objective environment or errors, for reference purposes only.

Slim, to reduce the burden of luggage

Compact and easy to carry

Mi panoramic camera thinnest at only 12mm, and compact body make it more
easy to carry, the journey can be easily incorporated into the clothes pocket, took out anywhere
to take a panoramic photo.

Without fear rigors of the climate
also withstand wind and rain

* IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof, can withstand the test of -10 ℃ to 45 ℃

We will inevitably encounter all kinds of unexpected accidents during filming, too late to shelter, outdoor cold, the rain
forest in the sultry air.
Mi panoramic camera through rigorous testing tightness, IP67 waterproof
and dustproof body, at minus 10 degrees to 45 degrees in the environment can be assured shoot.

  • dust-proof
  • waterproof
  • -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
* Mi panoramic camera can splash water resistant, dust-proof, under controlled laboratory conditions have been tested, the effect is to IP67 level. Splash-proof, water-resistant, dust-proof non-permanent
protective performance may be due to normal wear and tear drops.
Since the damage is not immersed in the liquid caused by the warranty.

Rugged fine
stable structure from the velvet glove

A metal block made from a single piece of aluminum

Mi panoramic camera to create a metal block is a single piece of high-quality aluminum and
into, both sides of the camera block perfect fit inspired by traditional tenon junction
structure, the CNC cutting process so that more edge transitions cis sliding fit, the surface material after
Take in your hand so delicate, sturdy, this is with you all over the world to shoot
the panoramic camera.

To move forward in life, of course
, but also not to be missed behind those tears, laughter and wonderful
every turn is likely to be a starting point for the next
make every moment of this 360 °, are complete record collection
* All data are from the mad King Technology Laboratory, the actual use of the process due to changes in objective circumstances or errors.
Mi, do art in life
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