Mi 4K Action camera

Overview | Specs

Mi 4K Action camera

Clear capture beautiful moments
4K 30fps video recording / 145 [deg.] Super wide-angle / 6-axis electronic image stabilization
2.4 inches touchscreen / small portable
MRP 17500
* Standard memory card is not recommended to use mainstream brands U3 specifications of the high-speed Micro SD card, the official recommended parameters, see page card.

Not as good while now
to capture, to record ...

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4K 30fps video recording
clear reduction in each frame

Recording meter small camera at the beauty and detail of life, because it not only can shoot 3840 × 2160 high-
resolution pictures, also supports 4K 30fps HD video recording, four times the clarity of 1080P,
achieve film-quality output, each one are clearly visible.

145 ° wide angle, the more panoramic view

You, the distant lights dim, near the beautiful background, but also an important part of a good photo. M small camera wide angle
of 145 °, F / 2.8 aperture, with a broad vision of a stronger feeling of depth shooting screen.

A variety of shooting modes
for easy inspiration

Different scenarios, the same expression? M small camera 9 kinds of shooting modes, in addition to the normal camera and take pictures, and many more shot
camera mode switch easily.
Busy street, quiet twilight, waves, court shot at the moment ...... surfboard
variety of shooting modes, each scene has a different expression.
  • Lapse imaging
  • Slow-motion shooting
  • Time taking pictures
  • High-speed continuous shooting

Lapse imaging mode
with a short video recording of changing long

Lapse imaging is usually used in the shooting natural scenery, astronomical phenomena, construction manufacturing, biological evolution and other topics, easily record a solar eclipse lunar eclipse,
Yunjuanyunshu scene.
Let the scene solidified into a long moment of every moment. M small camera supports 0.5s, 1S, 2S, 5S,
10s, 30s, 60s different shooting interval, and with a variety of video length options lapse imaging.

Timer camera mode
anytime, anywhere easy selfie

Press the shutter to take pictures in between, there is a prescribed delay time, in order to facilitate the
users in a timely manner posed to shoot.
M small camera support 3S,
5S, 10s, 15s of delay setting.

Life is full of moments of fun
recording scene more interesting

  • Paternity
  • pet
  • Coldplay
  • Discover more games are played ..

To accompany his growth
also recorded his bits and pieces

Baby learning to walk for the first time, for the first time fell from his mouth to call out the first sound of
"mother" ...... are growing mark, they are worth hard to record.

Try it from the perspective
to look at the world around them

Meng sometimes stupid, sometimes cute, dog adds a lot of fun for me t we live.
You might try from their perspective to look at the world around them,
and their eyes to us.

Full of curiosity
to explore more of the world's more fun

Curiosity drives us constantly to find cooler and more interesting gameplay, such as running cool,
rock climbing, skateboarding, to challenge their own limits, to explore and experience more
and more fun in the world.

0 1 2

Shooting, regardless of time and place
professional profile brings higher quality
support lossless RAW format, preserving a photo richer detail

  • Ambarella A12S75 master chip
  • 7 glass lens
  • Sony sensor
  • EIS Electronic image stabilization

Ambarella A12S75 master chip, better quality

M small camera uses a motion camera chip --Ambarella A12S75 professional master chip, integrated advanced image processing unit (the ISP),
having a 3D motion noise, lens distortion correction function, support RAW format, along with a variety of modes of image
H.264 encoding and image compression algorithms.

3D noise reduction before the movement after movement 3D Noise Reduction Lens distortion correction ago After correcting lens distortion
* Photo support JPG, RAW format output; video support 4K @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 100 fps, 720p @ 200 fps encoded output of.

7 glass lens high specification camera
shooting the picture more transparent

7 glass lenses, which comprises a low dispersion lens, with additional UV
coating IR filter, effective to inhibit the dispersion, obtaining high quality picture; lens
added Astral optical properties, with more pixels, make it easy capture Yi
Zhang good photos.

Better quality of the sensor, a larger amount of light

Sony IMX 317 sensor, the unit pixel up to 1.62 um, the greater the amount of light,
even though the evening or night, still normal shooting.

EIS 6-axis electronic image stabilization, more stable shooting

EIS is an electronic check compensation, by the horizontal and vertical sensor senses real-time motion, super-resolution picture of the sample is calculated, to compensate for jitter bounds image generated. M small camera uses Bosch BMI160 IMU, built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, with professional software algorithms, digital image augmentation allow the camera to obtain stable and smooth motion picture shooting scene.

  • 3 -axis
  • BMI160 IMU
  • 3 -axis

More professional compact camera
more convenient to use

  • 2.4 inches touch screen
  • 99 g body
  • Life 120 minutes
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

2.4 inches touch screen, simple and quick operation

M small camera is equipped with 2.4 inches touch screen, easy shots instant preview and playback captured. At the same time, i.e., a light touch
can easily operate the camera, such as the photographing mode switching, adjusting imaging parameters.

Just right of lightweight
portable camera magic

M small camera weighs 99g, body size of 71.5 × 42.7 × 29.5 mm,
compact body make it easier to carry, travel can also be easily incorporated into the pockets
, the out anytime, anywhere to record beautiful moments.

Large-capacity battery
120 minutes or more lasting life

M professional custom small camera uses a high-density lithium-ion smart battery, the battery capacity of 1450mAh; at 4K / 30
to provide more than two hours at a frame recording mode to protect life may also be provided in the 1080P / 60 frame pattern nearly 3
hours the high-definition camera.
At the same time, without battery, you can use an external USB power supply,
can also be used with mobile power ultra-long-term use.

Built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module
connected to a mobile phone APP

M small camera via Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity, real-time preview, remote control video camera, set the parameters, import photos, video to mobile phones, transmission rates of up to 24Mbps, save videos to the phone can be adjusted on the video editing software edit. In addition, in order to facilitate the use of accessories and more, to achieve diverse gameplay, small camera built-in Bluetooth 4.1 meters, with a small camera selfie stick rice, for easy remote control.

* M small camera selfie stick sold separately.

* Equipped with the hand-held PTZ camera specially designed for MIA small cameras, smooth and smooth images can be taken even in sports scenes such as hiking and cycling. Hand-held PTZ to be purchased separately. * Please note that the Mizu-Matsutake Camera Selfie Stick and Mizu-Matsushita Camera Handheld Head mentioned on this page are not yet on sale. * The data mentioned in this page are all data of Fly Meters laboratory. Due to changes in the objective environment and other factors, the data will be different or error.

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