Air Wear Anti haze face Mask

Overview | Specs
wearing method
  • 1. Before use of the two blades to be restored to a natural state bounce avoid adhesion due to storage.

  • When the cartridge 2 is fixed, it is fixed to one side, then the other side is fixed to ensure that the filter does not move.

  • 3. (remove the glasses) stretched on both sides of the ear hook, fixed to the nose, then put on both ears. Note to wear a mask to a position as close to the eyelid.

  • 4. Check the nose, chin, fit and comfort when the wearer's right ear, the absorption will feel a slight breathing filter.

  • 5. When not in use the mask, the mask for the entire engagement, do not crease to avoid traces unrecoverable.

  • 6. Make sure no moisture after the mask, the mask in a clean pocket. It recommends the use of sealed pockets to prevent secondary pollution.

Product Specifications

Product Name: AirPOP anti-fog and haze masks

Product Content: Microfiber mask * 1, * 2 filter

Model: FWMKZ01XY

Implementation of the standards: "PM2.5 protective masks" T / CTCA 1-2015-F95

The main material: Microfiber, Toray Qing Long meltblown filter, TPE

Size: One Size

For people: Adult

Wearing styles: earhook Adjustable

Weight: cover sheet filter of about 25g +1

Save the Date: packaging unopened, in the housing 1, the filter 3 years


1, the product is only available in filtered air over the PM0.3 particles in the everyday environment, for the case of haze and other; do not apply to any industrial,
medical protection; to achieve the normal protective effect masks must ensure proper use of masks.

2. microfiber cover spotting, using a damp mop, not with plenty of water, wash with soap detergent; Microfiber housing may periodically with an alcohol
wipe cotton; masks do not collapse during storage folding.

Packing list
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