Mi Ai Speaker

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Ai Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music, voice control home appliances of
artificial intelligence speakers

MRP 7999

"Little love the students, help me find the phone."

"Little love students, I want to hear Jay's Pungent"

"Little Love classmate, air conditioning transferred to 23 degrees."

"Little love the students, now go to the company how long?"

"Little love students, you need an umbrella?"

"Little Love classmates, 7:00 to wake me up."

"Little love the students, help me find the phone."

"Little love students, I want to hear Jay's Pungent"

Little love the students say, you can wake it up, let it give you broadcast music to the baby story, tell you to get up, go to the company select the most efficient mode of transportation for you,
and even control home smart devices. Not only that, you can also train it, to make it more intelligent, more and understand you.

  • Set the alarm

  • Broadcast music

  • When the reminder note

  • Find phones

  • Listen to opera

  • Playback control

  • Natural sound

  • Smart Home Control

  • Memo Record

  • Watch video collection

"Little love students to soft music."

As there is a good speaker content, everyone can find the Ta like to listen to. Classical music, idol new songs,
the story of the baby love, parental love of comic sketches, listen to what it tells.

"Little love students, and today I limit all right?"

Do a good assistant in your life, you can set the alarm, check the weather, you can also inquire about road conditions,
even when you can not find the phone, you can find it for help.

"Little Love classmates, lights a little brighter."

After no hands, you can control the intelligent device, wake it up, you can for your home
air purifier, lights, cleaning robot, air conditioning, millet TV calling the shots.

"Little love the students, 2 + 2 equal to a few?"

Do addition, subtraction, to translate, can recite poetry, but also sound animal,
known encyclopedic knowledge, the baby's Hundred Thousand Whys it can freely answer.

Customize your
Smart Life Scene

To say good morning, little love students can help you open the curtains,
turn on the lights and adjust the air conditioning temperature, but also help you open the water heater.

AI training program
Come and train it, you understand it more and more

Everyone is AI trainer, the AI training programs in the App, create your training,
set questions and answers, will be able to give it a unique new capability.

Developers open platform
little love students are gaining more skills

As more developers to join millet drop platform (shuidi.mi.com) , little love students are gradually
gain more skills in the future, Ta can also help you book your ticket, grab millet 7 ...

Watch the full video

Most of the room and then talk to
little love exchange students

Six ring-shaped microphone, with beam forming technology,
effectively reduce the noise interference, as long as the decibel is large enough,
in any corner of the room, you can command little love students.

360 ° sound field
in which to listen to sound good

Acoustic waveguide technology innovation, so that speakers form a
360 ° annular sound field. A large area of passive bass
speakers, it extends the bass dive capability,
each song more appealing.

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Artificial intelligence speaker
also network speakers, Bluetooth speakers ...

In addition to voice song, you can also use the speaker App play music, and can play phone via Bluetooth,
music on Pad, also compatible with DLNA.

  • Support Bluetooth
    connect the phone, pad, notebook

  • DLNA
    wireless projection music

  • WiFi dual-band
    mobile phones to play music

Little love the students already possess the following skills

Ai Bluetooth Speakers currently controlled smart devices

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