Xiaomi 4 USB Port Charger

Overview | Specs

Xiaomi 4 USB Port Charger

Familiar with simplicity, with an enemy of four

4 USB interfaces | 2A fast charge | total power of 35W | multiple security | lightweight and portable

MRP 1799

4 USB charging ports, 2A fast charge, save time and worry

The single port supports 5V/2.4A output and the total power is 35W. It can charge four devices at the same time. The power solution uses Fairchild's smart chip, which is compatible with cameras and smart
hardware products. Many devices can easily be controlled. At the same time high-speed support 2A fast charge, providing the same as the original charger safe charging power, do not have to worry about damage to battery life, greatly reducing the charging time.

Multiple security, more peace of mind

It is often feared that there will be a risk of leakage, short-circuiting or even a fire when the power is overloaded. Built-in high-precision hardware current-limiting chip with high-grade V0
fire-retardant material and 750°C high-temperature flame retardant to ensure that each port operates within a safe current range, effectively eliminating over-voltage, input over-current, output over-current, and anti-patterning The use of waves, short
circuits, over-temperature, anti-electromagnetic, anti-static, etc. occurs safely and safely.

AC100-240V, charging without borders

Adopt international AC100-240V wide voltage input and 50/60Hz voltage frequency to meet the charging requirements of different countries and regions. Even if you are on a business trip, you are not afraid of
it. You can easily handle it.

Small body, promising

The control of the size is particularly strict. The goal is to maximise weight and make it easy to carry around. 65 * 61.8 * 28 mm Small size, less than the size of a palm, travel or entertaining, does not take up extra space. At the same time, the wall plug-in function design is convenient for use anytime, anywhere.

Simple design, easy to use

The blunt shape of Fangzheng was rejected, and the smooth and rounded chamfer made a simple USB charger also rich in spirituality, exquisite but without losing quality. Ultrasonic shell assembly,
energy saving and environmental protection while achieving seamless welding, moisture and moisture. The rotary PIN design also allows the plugs to retract freely, saving space and convenience.

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