{{lm['Please enter your IMEI']}} {{lm['Please enter the correct IMEI']}} {{lm['Your IMEI doesn\'t exist, please verify and enter again']}}

{{lm['You are verifying your %s'].replace('%s', securEquiv)}}

{{lm['If you have not previously queried this security code, please make sure that you purchased the product via official channels'].replace('%s', securEquiv).replace('%d', securCount)}}

{{lm['Method 1']}}
{{lm['Find the code sticker on the back of your battery, device, or packaging box']}}

{{lm['Method 2']}}
(1). {{lm['Enter *#06# on the dialpad to find your IMEI.']}}
(2). {{lm['Go to Settings -> About phone -> Status to look up your S/N.']}}

{{lm['What do my IMEI and S/N codes tell me?']}}

  1. {{lm['We will be providing partial order information. Please confirm your order time and delivery address.']}}
  2. {{lm['Every IMEI and S/N code combination matches one phone and belongs only to you.']}}