RO reverse osmosis

The highest precision filtering technology

70% of our body is made of water, but not 100% of the water can be assured to drink. After the water from the factory, it may be contaminated by the rust pipe, even if it is boiled, can not remove heavy metals and high temperature bacteria. Millet water purifier with RO reverse osmosis technology, it is the only truly effective to remove heavy metals, antibiotics, organic filtration technology, with layers of purification of the four filtration system to help you remove the home of water in the rust, scale, heavy metals, Bacteria, antibiotics and unpleasant odors. Drinking pure water is the most healthy way of drinking water, through such advanced high-precision filtration technology, so that you drink the body of each drop of fresh water are fresh.

RO reverse osmosis technology

0.0001 microns with high precision filtration

Water purifier according to the filter effect is divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, RO reverse osmosis water purifier, microfiltration, ultrafiltration is common, but can not completely filter scale, heavy metals and harmful organic matter. Millet water purifier with the highest filtration level RO reverse osmosis technology, it can intercept more than 0.0001 micron material, ultrafiltration water purifier 100 times the accuracy.

RO reverse osmosis is the most advanced filtration technology, it is not only used for bottled purified water production, in desalination, aircraft carriers and space stations also use this technology to purify water.

Quality PP cotton filter

Filter out sediment particles, turbidity, rust and so on

After the water into the water purifier, the first by the non-toxic and tasteless PP cotton material composition of the filter, the water pretreatment. Level 1 filtration accuracy of 5 microns, you can filter out the pipeline of sediment, rust and other large impurities, the latter filter to protect.

In order to extend the filter life, millet water purifier PP cotton filter to take a unique outside the loose tight design, from outside to inside layer by layer consumption, not only improve the filter utilization, but also to avoid secondary pollution of water quality.

Level 1 filter to intercept more than 5 microns of large particles

Imported coconut shell activated carbon filter

Adsorption odor, color, residual chlorine and so on

After removing the large particles in the water, the activated carbon filter begins to treat the chemical substances in the water. Imports of coconut shell activated carbon, the surface has numerous tiny holes, can absorb the smell of water, color and water in the residual chlorine, some harmful organic matter is also removed in this part.

Featured Filipino, Sri Lanka and other coconut shells of carbon production, carbon particle adsorption area to expand the 21 football field big! In order to enhance the carbon particle activity, the use of non-toxic harmless pickling process for treatment, making it longer life, better adsorption strength.

RO reverse osmosis filter

US Dow / GE imported filter / Hyde can

Supplier - United States Dow, GE reverse osmosis membrane, Hyde can, purification capacity (desalination rate) of 95%, to industry standards Level 3 RO reverse osmosis filtration is the key link of water purification, purification quality depends on RO membrane filter Quality and filter technology. Millet water purifier selection of the world's top filter suppliers - the United States Dow, GE reverse osmosis membrane, single-core purification capacity (desalination rate) of 95%, far more than industry standards.

In order to improve the speed of purification and increase the water production rate, we improve the traditional reverse osmosis filter process, the use of multiple membrane composed of a filter, and membrane area increased by 4 times, through this improvement, the purification speed increased by 8 times many.

Effectively filter out heavy metals, bacteria, organic matter and so on

8 times the speed filter

400 gallon large flow, multi-page process

Most of the RO reverse osmosis water purifier using 50-gallon flow filter, the flow rate of only 0.1L / min, the flow rate is very slow. In order to effectively solve the water flow problem, our approach is to provide a 400-gallon high-flow RO membrane for the millet water purifier, which is four times the area of ​​50 gallons and is designed to improve the filter channel For the multi-page film, the benefits of doing so is to have a number of pure water through the water, greatly improving the efficiency of pure water filtration.

Rear coconut shell activated carbon filter

To further improve the taste

Rear activated carbon filter, with the same two-class filter with imported coconut shell activated carbon filter, to further purify the residual odor in water and improve the taste, so that pure water at the entrance, the more sweet and delicious.

Purified water quality to meet the standard bottled purified water

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Clean 76 barrels of water per day

1.0L / min × 1440 minutes / day ÷ 18.9L / barrel = 76 barrels
Water flow rate and drinking fountains quite

Global selection of excellent filter material

Dow / GE / Hyde can reverse osmosis filter material

Only a good filter raw materials, in order to purify the good water. Millet water purifier worldwide procurement filter, selected excellent suppliers, and third-party authoritative testing organizations to conduct rigorous testing, and invited the authority of scientific research and certification bodies to work with us to detect safety standards. This is why, MI water purifier can produce one of the reasons why water quality is so good.

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